>My life we write poems wordle #7


A drought has come

I won’t drown

I obsess

I am happy



Sorrow circles in a bad carbon sea

Glacial winds blow in on your birthday


18 responses to “>My life we write poems wordle #7

  1. >Pamela, This is so simple, yet says so much. I love it! and brrrr……

  2. >Hi Pamela, I really like the tone of the narrator. I think the final couplet worked obliquely. Also made me think of the Gulf oil spill.-Irene

  3. >It never seems to be a good time for a celebration.

  4. >BrendaThanks for the comment!Pamela

  5. >Thanks Julie!Pamela

  6. >Thanks Irene great prompt!Pamela

  7. >Pamela, you can crystallize so much in so few words. Glacial winds INDEED blow on birthdays!http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/06/drought-wordle.html

  8. >Sometimes are good for it Stan!Pamela

  9. >Thanks Mary!Pamela

  10. >That's as economical a use of the wordle as I've seen. I love the mix of emotions.

  11. >Thanks Francis I have been trying to write these wordles brief! Pamela

  12. >Thanks Barb!Pamela

  13. >hi pam, before i forget i love, love love the picture of flaubert, his expression is priceless… i like how you used the wordles..it is like a kite flying

  14. >Thanks so much he is a wonderful dog!Thanks for the comment!Pamela

  15. >Agreed — an economical use of the words, and your placement of them casts a tincture of blue over the whole poem. Nicely done.-Nicole

  16. >Thanks NicolePamela

I appreciate all comments.

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