>”arctic never” big tent poetry #8


“I want to write about crack babies, but I don’t know how.”
incubators crying
from every corridor
to hold and feed
shaking and screaming
no comfort to be found
hearts beat an extra rhythm
too fast to contain
eyes unfocused
eyes untamed

35 responses to “>”arctic never” big tent poetry #8

  1. >Harrowing image – words and picture both.

  2. >A horror story, succinctly told. Should be pasted up everywhere as an awful warning.Viv

  3. >Jesus. There ought to be no way to write this, but you found it. Salute.

  4. >That picture is perfect for your stark, desolate words, Pamela! Horrible and powerful piece!

  5. >Really good, Pamela.this is where less is far more eloquent.

  6. >Pamela, the poem and image together show the reality of such a sad situation! You tackled a difficult subject WELL.http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/06/front-page-news.html

  7. >"no comfort" — what a difficult way to start life!

  8. >Reminds me of some friends when they brought a baby they were going to adopt home. She still has lingering problems. You captured that early life horror all too well….

  9. >Pamela, I've seen and heard a crack baby. Fortunately she was raised by her grandmother and did very well. I was surprised. In any case, this is a very well written poem, accesses the emotion you feel observing.

  10. >A long, long time ago, I thought that good writing had to be about beautiful things. I'm so glad I grew up.

  11. >The poem and the picture seem to illustrate each other. Each separately, and together, the effect is heart wrenching.Those incubators, crying. And no arms to respond.You brought me to tears.-Nicole

  12. >Pamela, this is a sad sad poem, written so succinctly.

  13. >You found a way to write this – to send the message of alarm. Profound. Frightening.

  14. >A horror story but one of reality.

  15. >Stan it is indeed!ThanksPamela

  16. >Viv that is very true!ThanksPamela

  17. >Thanks RonIt is a horrible realityPamela

  18. >Thanks MariannePamela

  19. >Thanks BarbI think this time it worked!Pamela

  20. >Mary it is a tough subject and a very sad one!Thanks!Pamela

  21. >yes Carolee a terrible way to start a life!Thanks!Pamela

  22. >Thanks Mark and good for your friendsmore people should consider adopting these babies!Pamela

  23. >Diane it is a heartbreaking thing to witness!Good thing that baby had a grandmother to care for them!Pamela

  24. >Thank you very much Elizabeth!Pamela

  25. >Nicole your response almost made me cry!Thanks!Pamela

  26. >Uma yes it is very sad!Thanks!Pamela

  27. >Thanks Susan!Pamela

  28. >Rall it is one of reality and so heartwrenching to witness!Pamela

  29. >You capture the horror of this so well. Truly heartwrenching, and the image echoes it.

  30. >Erinthanks so much!Pamela

  31. >So powerful…not only is this topic something hard to write about, it is something that should not exist…

  32. >Agreed CynthiaPamela

  33. >A shocking truth in a very powerful piece! Good post!-Weasel

  34. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  35. Pamela, you would do the poetry community a great service if you allowed more of your expressive poetic observations to reflect in your writing. Wonderfully done. Felice Navidad.

I appreciate all comments.

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