“In the Ward” writers island #9 imagine


I was walking down the street chewing bubble gum.
That day I was wearing a red shirt,
I really love how that shirt looks with my blonde hair.
Sometimes I’m very vain, but if I don’t praise myself who will?
I often visit the geriatrics in the nursing home hoping I can find my mom.
Oh how I loved her, we used to sit and eat manna together talking about the antichrist.
How her words resonate in my brain as I see her image.
She loved to play board games and she was always quick with a joke,
I sometimes wondered was she my natural mother
because she was so lovely and healthy.
I remember the day she told me about the Brownshirts drinking grape juice,
I said to her “Do they smoke opium, too?”
If they drink grape juice they must smoke opium.
I would like to go back in a time machine when people were sincere.
Just like my mom I am so sorry that she’s gone;
I have made my fortune in timetables since she left me.
I have many interests some untried and others unfounded.
I will remain the underdog until the tidal wave comes to take me away.

13 responses to ““In the Ward” writers island #9 imagine

  1. >My Mom passed away at the end of April. So, your poem hit me on so many levels that I'm finding it difficult to comment. So much here that simply clicks, recalls, and even explains a bit. Suffice to say, sincerely grateful that you shared this one today.Elizabeth

  2. >Oh Pamela, was she ever a special woman…

  3. >Elizabeth I am glad you are grateful.Some of this fiction and some not.My mom was one of a kind as I am sure was yoursIt is very difficult losing a parent,I am verysorry for your loss.May she rest in peace.Pamela

  4. >Stan she was very special! Though some of this fiction, there is some truth here!Thanks!Pamela

  5. >A wonderful piece written here! Thanks for sharing!-Weasel

  6. >I agree that if a person doesn't praise herself, who will! I think no matter how long ago a person's mother has passed away, they are always missed. http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/06/contemplation.html

  7. >My mother passed away over 40 years ago when I was still a child. Yet my memories of her often keep me on the right path.

  8. >I still have my mother (just turned 94) but she has significant memory issues. She still has her personality and is happy but it is sad that I cannot have a real conversation with her anymore. However, at least she IS happy, and that means so much.One day you will see your mother again, of that I am sure. I send you hugs. This was such a touching poem.http://troublebeingstrong.blogspot.com/2010/06/to-have-wings-of-bird.html

  9. >MOMS are the greatest…. nicely done Pam

  10. >It's good for us to remember our mothers. My favourite line in your poem: 'I would like to go back in a time machine when people were sincere.'Thankyou for giving us your imaginings.

  11. >Pam, I'm being venue unfaithful as a POW but this struck me as touching yet funny and I had to express my appreciation. "If I don't praise myself, who will?" How about those of us fortunate enough to read you every week!

  12. >ThanksWeaselMaryAnthonyDianeWayneVivTillybudJDso sorry for a big group thanks but I have been really busy!Pamela

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