>Me sunday scribblings #221 life swap

>Fasten me with a safety pin

to the bed while I sleep

so that I may not drift too far

When I walk tie a rope round

my waist so that I don’t get lost

Search for me when I am missing

Remember me when I am gone

Look up in the sky and read the stars

As they spell out my name


10 responses to “>Me sunday scribblings #221 life swap

  1. >We go to some strange places when we sleep. Nice one.

  2. >thats nice… i particulalrly liked the beginning

  3. >great post..tie a rope around me to keep me down to earth so that I may improve who I am and not chase stars

  4. >Thanks Anthony we do indeed!Pamela

  5. >Thanks Alice!Pamela

  6. >Will do gs!Thanks!Pamela

  7. >A lovely poem. As writers we do tend want to drift away all the time. But are pinned down by the the day to day tasks 🙂

  8. >So true Michelle!ThanksPamela

  9. >Pamela, This is beautiful. I saw the first line when I hit your blog this morning to read your POW piece. It caught me with its safety pin. 🙂 I've been blocked a bit, and didn't do this prompt–almost missed this! This piece would look amazing on a cross stitch, illustrated and all. It's one of my favorites.

  10. >Thanks Brenda!That is nice of you to say!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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