>no designer clothes who am I? POW # 9

>In this land Infallible and uncouth

Shirts no-shirts determine

Who’s the enemy take pride in infiltrating

Aisles of people who serve their god

We decide who to kill more bombings

Causalities rise under me no one wins

But I am the victor fix me with an IED

Go to Paris I hate Gucci jack-in-the-box suits me best

I can take my pistol and blow you away and no one

Would suspect me I am the victor I have lost


16 responses to “>no designer clothes who am I? POW # 9

  1. >Don't know who to put this down to, but must be a politician.

  2. >I know this. Current American affairs. Something to do with a General.

  3. >Stan not a politician but could have been one!What a terrifying thought!Or at least could have started a coup.Pamela

  4. >Rall You got it but what is his name?Pamela

  5. >Did whatsisname just lose his job?

  6. >General McChrystal… and you've captured his attitude well.

  7. >Thanks Francis and it is what he is like!Pamela

  8. >Hi Pamela,At least by being late I've let everyone else do the hard work! A powerful poem that emphasises the man's bellicose nature.

  9. >Haven't heard enough about him to have guessed this. TBH, I was going with a generic suicide bomber, so I was way off!http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com

  10. >Pamela–You cut to the quick in this piece. I am quite impressed by your ability to define an individual! The phrase aisles of people struck me…we're lined up and nameless. Makes it easier to kill that way, doesn't it?

  11. >Thanks for commenting Tillybud!Pamela

  12. >BrendaHe certainly is not someone I would want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with!Thanks!Pamela

  13. >What a powerful poem, Pamela! And you're right, the man is a disgrace to his uniform and to his country.

  14. >Marianne he was just that! A disgrace!ThanksPamela

  15. >Derrick I detest warmongers!Thanks!Pamela

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