>How does it feel … Big Tent Poetry #9 conversation

>Which is stronger love or hate?

I believe love of course

If someone hurt you would feel the same?

We sit on the edge always ready to fall over

Will someone catch you as the descent comes?

Why do you ask?

If a person you loved had you by the throat

While your veins popped out in horrid lines

Forming on your neck

As tears formed in your eyes

Asking for respite

Breath barely escaping your lips

What happens when you love?

At that moment hate becomes evident


32 responses to “>How does it feel … Big Tent Poetry #9 conversation

  1. >Not a happy thought, Pamela! If someone you love is trying to throttle you, I'd say hate was pretty close by!

  2. >'Yet each man kills the thing he lovesBy each let this be heardSome do it with a bitter lookSome with a flattering word'Oscar Wilde

  3. >DerrickNot a true to life experience for me but for someone I knew. And no it was not a happy time.Pamela

  4. >RallI love that! It is so true!Pamela

  5. >It happens more often than we'd like. Excellent conversation that allows room for thought and process!

  6. >Pamela, your poem makes it apparently how closely related love and hate are. Strong love can apparently give rise to equally strong hate. Hmmm, I will have to reflect on that!http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/07/true-tale.html

  7. >Such a strong poem! Wonderfully written!Thanks for sharing!-Weasel

  8. >Pamela, what a disturbing conversation. I hope the resolution was happier than I feared, on reading your words.ViV

  9. >Susan thanks and yes it does happen more often than not! This is about an old friend of mine and the horror I went through with her.Pamela

  10. >MaryIt certainly is very closely related!Thanks.Pamela

  11. >sorry, i gave the wrong link. Here is the real link to my big tent poetry # 9http://teslawall.blogspot.com/2010/06/to-annie-my-heart.htmlYour poem is truly exquisite.I love it.Best wishesMory

  12. >Thank you Weasel! i enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  13. >Viv She finally left him with her two daughtersbut it was a hard time for everyone involved.Pamela

  14. >Thanks Mory and I will go check it out!Pamela

  15. >"Will someone catch you as the descent comes?Why do you ask?"Loved that bit. Take some interesting turns, this one does.

  16. >Thanks Twitches!Pamela

  17. >Shows how fast a relationship can fall apart! Very well written, Pamela

  18. >Thanks Diane and that is so true!Pamela

  19. >Really like the descent in the poem from love to hate, in moments. Extremely real, and vivid. The horror is not that it happens so fast, but that it happens far too often.Elizabeth

  20. >Elizabeth Oh is that not the truth. Love can change so quickly.Thanks.Pamela

  21. >It's always good to give voice to this issue. I like your treatment of it, Pamela. Your words speak volumes. Thanks for sharing this.Hate rises, and some people mistake that intensity for some messed up idea they have about love.

  22. >This is powerful stuff! So true, there can be a very thin line between love and hate. (Why most murders are committed by a "significant other".)

  23. >BrendaThanks and many people do confuse this idea.I think some women think well if he says he is sorry it is ok.Pamela

  24. >CynthiaThanks and the percentage of that is very high.Pamela

  25. >"We sit on the edge always ready to fall" says so much.

  26. >Thanks Deb!I got a bit serious with this one.Pamela

  27. >What an unsettling conversation! Nicely done, Pamela.

  28. >Thanks Paul and it is a bit unsettling!Pamela

  29. >There's that old cliche about the thin line between love and hate, and I think that's evident here.

  30. >Francis it is an old cliche indeed but I believe it is so true. ThanksPamela

  31. >Tillybud thank you!Pamela

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