>Headed south writers island #10 fork in the road

>Never should have taken

that bus ride south

Knowing the markets were full of

Junkies and thieves waiting to take

Advantage of one so young

You thought that you were protected

By some invisible force

Called it the spirit of your deceased father

Though none of us could see him

You claimed he walked at your side

Guided and counseled on issues in your life

Depraved lecherous humans don’t know

Of such things … oh why did you take the bus ride?

Why did you head south?

27 responses to “>Headed south writers island #10 fork in the road

  1. >Pamela, this is a powerful piece. So, immediate and readily relatable. Really, really good write.

  2. >Thanks a lot Elizabeth and I enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  3. >Your poems are always intensely passionate, Pamela!Well done!

  4. >Thanks so much Marianne and I love the fact that you and your husband have been together for 39 years!Pamela

  5. >I think by heading south you ended up just where you were meant to be! You chose the right 'fork.' http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/07/forks-in-road.html

  6. >South is a direction many choose, or are compelled, to take. Sometimes it's the only choice.

  7. >We must always question that fork – even though we don't always listen.Excellently done.

  8. >MaryThanks for that but this person is not me she is fictionalI am certainly not young but thank you!:)Pamela

  9. >Stan very wise words indeed thanks!Pamela

  10. >Thank you Anthony!Pamela

  11. >Sorry about reading 'you' into the poem, Pamela. In any case, the person ended up right where he was supposed to be. LOL.

  12. >I meant where 'SHE' was supposed to be.

  13. >Makes me think of something that happened to me in Vietnam when I was led away from the crowd and instantly made the decision to get back to it. I found out another woman experienced the same thing. Creepy. I haven't a clue which direction I went though, LOL. This is an excellent poem.

  14. >Mary that is ok you can call me young whenever you want! :)Pamela

  15. >Diane thanks and yes some places are dangerous.There is a market in Mexico city that is very dangerous for foreigners to go to. It is however quite safe for the locals. I have never been nor do I plan on going either.Pamela

  16. >I love the immediate feel from the poem. A very powerful piece! Great post.-Weasel

  17. >But the poem is not finished! I'm dying to know what happened next, and why she/he shouldn't have taken that bus ride.

  18. >Weasel thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  19. >Viv my dear you will have to use your imagination for that one ;)Pamela

  20. >But you know I don't have any – I posted a poem to say so!

  21. >Viv of course you do!Or you wouldn't right so well.Pamela

  22. >it is sad to think she thought she was on an adventure another day…. dead end direction coming up… the mood of the story was well expressed…making it all the more surreal… i recently took a two day bus ride by myself heading south… believe me i thought abt it, going alone… but what an adventure in hanging with humanity…

  23. >POP sometimes there is adventure to be found thanks for commenting.Pamela

  24. >Pamela–LOVE this poem! It's so powerful and feels strangly tangible (to me, anyhow), in spite of the wonderful bit of mysticism in it. Awesome post!

  25. >Robin thanks for the nice comment!Have not seen you in a while!Pamela

  26. >oh why? but sometimes no matter how frightening a situation is, its better to experience it too.

  27. >Oh I did not see this message! Thanks for commentingPamela

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