>all about me sunday scribblings #222 me

>when I was a sophomore in high school

I searched for meaning

but just found it yesterday while searching

the trash in the stifling heat

I am credulous though you may think me

insane- I do warble from time to time

I sometimes see frogs eating cake

can you picture that ?

some say my judgment is questionable

I studied zoology in university

I know everything about animals

I am a maven and most times irresistible

I love being carnivorous

I don’t understand vegans

I love to sip tea with mint leaves

I like to collect diamond-studded dog collars

actually I hoard them

but don’t tell my partner

he might want them

these days he has been looking at me quizzically

though I am not concerned

I am much more clever than he

he wears edible panties

so what does that tell you?

I don’t like xenophobic people

they are troublesome just like misplaced sprockets

I think I may move to Uruguay

learn to play soccer and become

transcendant and grow a beet root garden

now there’s a life I want


14 responses to “>all about me sunday scribblings #222 me

  1. >My goodness! There were a few interesting facts and thoughts in that! Brilliant.

  2. >So much info and desire in this. Marvellous.

  3. >I'm still thinking about the cake eating frogs… 🙂

  4. >KeithThanks for that! I loved your poem about the phone it made me laugh.Pamela

  5. >Thanks Anthony I got a good laugh out of the microfiction piece.Pamela

  6. >Alice it is a strange thought I know.ThanksPamela

  7. >Enjoyed the thought about becoming "transcendant"! An interesting, lively piece!

  8. >I think someone who sees frogs eating cake makes excellent company.

  9. >Gemma thanks for that!Pamela

  10. >naramaloneAre you sure? Well if you say so ok ;)Pamela

  11. >Wonderful rambling feel Pamela! Like taking a quick snapshot of an interestingly cluttered mind (as I sit here with my mint leaves sticking to the side of my tea glass and four windows opened on my computer screen)….- Dina

  12. >Sounds nice Dina!And thanksPamela

  13. >I like this a lot, especially the bit about hoarding diamond dog collars and keeping them from the speaker's partner. You strike just the right balance of mystery and openness in this.

  14. >James thanks for commenting!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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