>Click! POW #10


The shutter clicks and dust is encased

What do you capture in the lens?

A tunnel to my brain awaits

The pupil contracts from light

My iris changes colour from one point. . .

to the next

My pupil enlarges the light escapes

I stare at nothing you imprison my soul

20 responses to “>Click! POW #10

  1. >Very nice Pam! This reminds me of the first peoples / native view that humans shouldn't be photographed since doing so captures the soul. And aren't they right sometimes?

  2. >Thanks JD and in Oaxaca many natives believe that is true and refuse to allow you to take their picture. Could have something there.Pamela

  3. >Pamela, I love the idea of the tunnel to your brain. With the camera capturing souls, you've given voice to an age old idea of different cultures. Well done.

  4. >The Australian aboriginals will not allow photos or written names of a deceased person to be published because it disturbs their spirit.

  5. >Not to be sneezed at – a bloke who captures your soul so charmingly.

  6. >Caught on camera – makes me think of all those cc cameras that are everywhere.

  7. >I suppose, for a split second, everything about a person is captured by the shutter click and that moment can never be got back!

  8. >tunnel image is a fine oneenjoyed, pamela.

  9. >"I stare at nothing you imprison my soul." An awesome and powerful line, Pamela!

  10. >BrendaThere might be some truth to it.ThanksPamela

  11. >RallAs I told JD there are some Indians here who forbid their pictures to be taken.Thanks for a great prompt.Pamela

  12. >VivThanks for that!Pamela

  13. >Stan there are not many here in Puebla but in the capital they are everywhere and sometimes the people destroy them in rebellion!Pamela

  14. >Derrick I am sure we cannot get it back!Pamela

  15. >Thanks Barb :)Pamela

  16. >Marianne thanks!Pamela

  17. >Great little poem with some wonderful lines and images, like the tunnel to the brain and the soul being imprisoned!

  18. >RobinThanks for the comment!Pamela

  19. >That idea of a photograph stealing the soul is what got me inspired this week too… although I ended up going in a strange direction with it.

  20. >Francis many cultures believe that to be true. The Indians in Oaxaca will not let people take their picture. Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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