>reverse to go foward we write poems #9 line by line

>Sadness melancholy

Peace and quiet – sun is setting

So much to be seen in this photo

the angel’s eyes are following me everywhere I go

Light like crystals in my eyes

Watching you cry as I walked upon an aisle

Wondering how much pain I caused

You didn’t understand

All looked like big fancy flowers ready to wilt

In a vase too fragile to contain them

Rain – I love you

Sand – sun and saltwater sting my skin

Completely lost, frustrated and brilliant but unseen

Sitting in a vase just like flowers for everyone to touch

Despise you and annoy you

Sitting on a shore by myself with no one around me

A beautiful beach in this universe

Could be the moon


14 responses to “>reverse to go foward we write poems #9 line by line

  1. >oh, so poignant. I love this, Pamela. I love your words. So rich… oh, my. Read My WWP #9 Poem here.

  2. >Thanks Julie and I am glad to see you here!Pamela

  3. >I love the angel's eyes following you…and the statement "Rain – I love you" it washes everything clean. Well done. ~Brenda

  4. >Brenda thanks for the nice commentIn fact we have a beautiful photo of an angel gravestone and at times it seems as if the eyes are following you!Pamela

  5. >What a strong poem in response to this prompt, Pamela.I love: "A beautiful beach in this universe could be the moon."

  6. >I sense melancholy here, Pamela. I love the angel eyes following wherevery you go.I do like what you did with this prompt!

  7. >Diane thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  8. >MaryThanks and lately I having been feeling blueI think I need a vacation on a beach by myselfwell maybe with my dogs ;)Pamela

  9. >Pamela, I empathize with your thought about vacationing with your dogs. The hardest thing about vacationing is being without them!

  10. >That is so true MaryPamela

  11. >You captured well the sense of loss and how alien the best of places can become without the company we loved however much taken for granted.

  12. >Thanks Stan a very good assessment.Pamela

  13. >Melancholy, yes, but sometimes we feel so much better afterwards!

  14. >Very true Derrick!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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