>I love shoes big tent poetry #10


I love shoes

dirty, filthy, festering shoes

they tell the story …

of those who wore them

slavering miscreants

some of them boring

philandering scumbags

telling their stories

where they walked

and who they walked on

that’s a sermon

the end of a psalm

barefooted jesus’s

dancing in the closet

never failing

to take my money

I went to the airport the other day

I had a green shirt … in my way

I pulled out my shoe

it went away

its ugly shoes

its ugly shoes


28 responses to “>I love shoes big tent poetry #10

  1. >If only shoes could talk, they would certainly have adventures to share! Clver lines — "where they walked and who they walked on"

  2. >I love shoes too. I smile at "barefoot Jesus's dancing in the closet." I enjoyed your poem!

  3. >You took shoes to another level.Great post!

  4. >Yet another sideways look at the prompt. I didn't understand the Jesus in the closet line, but the rest is fab. I never throw shoes away until they fall to bits and I've a cupboard full of history to prove it.

  5. >I consider shoe-buying a religious experience, so that's what I thought of the Jesus in the closet. Could be wrong, though…actually this made me think of a shoe poem I wrote long ago – I may post it next sometime, and if I do I'm going to link it back to this one, if ya don't mind. 😉

  6. >I like the twist on walking in someone else's shoes. Can't get that image of barefoot jesus's dancing out of my head now 🙂

  7. >I haven't bought shoes in awhile, though there's not much need now, with the heat (sandals are the world's friend) =). A great post, and an interesting take on the prompt!-Weasel

  8. >Mary thanks and if they could only talk!Pamela

  9. >Diane thanks and I am a shoe lover too!Pamela

  10. >Thank you Stan and I learnt a bit from your poemPamela

  11. >Viv yes it is a bit sideways and I pretty sure Jesus wasn't a real big shoe collector ;)Thanks!Pamela

  12. >Twitches some women do view it that wayAnd you may send me the link whenever you like :)Pamela

  13. >Francis thanks and that is a strange image I know=)Pamela

  14. >Weasel being a women we don't care if it is hot or not We love shoes! Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  15. >Pamela…This rocks! I was all ready to get dreamy eyed about shoes, and you went in a different direction entirely. Clever piece. Bravo!

  16. >Thanks BrendaShoes can make one dreamy eyed I know!Pamela

  17. >This poem set me off thinking about shoes and who wears what type of shoe. dirty, filthy, festering shoesthey tell the story …of those who wore themYou could just keep writing on and on—thanks for providing a promt ( without realizing it).

  18. >Before barefoot came 'round again, I was a shoe-in for fashion and my memory can be jarred just by thinking of a particular shoe (safely boxed)! Love your words!

  19. >One of my favorites of yours! It may have come after a struggle, but it's inventive, captures my imagination!

  20. >LindaThanks and I really had not thought about it being a prompt on its own!Pamela

  21. >Thanks Susan I think will all have had our favourites!Pamela

  22. >Deb that is a very nice compliment and I did approach this sideways!It seemed the only way for me after a few different drafts!Pamela

  23. >Interesting shoes

  24. >Thanks Jeeves!Pamela

  25. >this is, i believe the best poem i have seen so far for this week big tent poetry. very creative.great job. can i borrow one of your shoes?Mory

  26. >Mory that is a very nice complimentI am not so sure that is the bestbut thanks!Pamela

  27. >Jesus in the closet was my favorite part! Nice work.

  28. >Thanks Joyce!Pamela

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