>’once’ carry on tuesday #61 I had a perfect dream

>I had a perfect dream

           I dreamt I was on the sea
I had a perfect vision

           I saw light in the dust

I had a perfect thought

           I can’t remember now

I had a perfect dream

           I dreamt of peace

I had a perfect feeling

           It once held me tightly

But nothing is perfect


14 responses to “>’once’ carry on tuesday #61 I had a perfect dream

  1. >I like the chord the end strikes in this poem. Its as if you are floating on a cloud only to wake up. Thank you for sharing.

  2. >Robert you are very kind thanks!I think I finally woke up!Pamela

  3. >Thanks JuliePamela

  4. >We know it's impossible but we keep dreaming perfection. Well done.

  5. >Thanks Nara we do, don't we!Pamela

  6. >So true, Pamela…there really is nohing perfect!

  7. >Hi Mary and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I thought you were on vacation so you must be back!Pamela

  8. >Perfection only exists in our minds, not in reality! Love this one, Pamela!

  9. >Hellooooo Pamela! I'm glad I'm back, otherwise I would have missed this one! It's one of my favorites of yours. I had a perfect thought, too, once and I wish I had a perfect dream. Jealous. ❤

  10. >MarianneSo true! Thanks!Pamela

  11. >Linda so nice to see you!I hope to see you over at POW!A little French oh la la! (the extent of my French).Pamela

  12. >very lyric poem. the world " carry" reminds me of W.H Auden's I can your heart.keep on writing!

  13. >Thanks Mory Nice to see you over at Poets United!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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