>reflecting images we write poems #10 an object poem

>reflections scare me

It is that friggin` mirror

I don’t want to see


that disagree with me

why can’t they show

me things I want

it is all those damn mirrors



I look

looking for me

round every corner

waiting . . .

sometimes shattered

breaking the connection

mirrors . . .


25 responses to “>reflecting images we write poems #10 an object poem

  1. >I've been feeling this way recently. The older I get, where did I go? That lovely 20 year old me who owned the world? Shattered. ha! I love this piece, Pamela. Well done.

  2. >Thanks Brenda and the mirror just does not tell me the same things it used to!:(Pamela

  3. >Gautami yes they do!Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  4. >where does this come from this desire of self reflection….

  5. >ombIt is inside of all of us, is it not?Pamela

  6. >that is how I feel about mirrors…They do not tell me what I want to hear anymore…but I keep them so I do not mess up all the makeup….bkm

  7. >bkm now we're talking ;)Thanks for understanding!Pamela

  8. >You nailed this. The problem with mirrors is that they age.

  9. >I may have solved that. It isn't really the mirrors–it's the light. If it's dim enough even the extra chins resolve into flattering subtle shadows.

  10. >Wonderful poem, Pamela. You have undoubtedly heard the statement about…how did it happen that I look in the mirror and see my mother? I prefer not to look in mirrors and to imagine I look the way I see myself in my mind!

  11. >Linda the mirrors do get old. I knew it! Thanks!Pamela

  12. >BarbI must try that trick ;)Pamela

  13. >Mary thanks and that is good advice :)Pamela

  14. >This almost reads like a flight or a chase…you run away from one mirror and then you turn and find another. Scary. I like where you went with this.-Nicole

  15. >Thanks Nicole it seems something like that!As I get older the reflection is not all it used to be but I am ok with that actuallyIt is part of aging!Pamela

  16. >reflections??? hmmm…..I shave without looking in the mirror…but I actually love reflections

  17. >and your poem reflected well Pam

  18. >hi Pamela, funny piece carried by the tone..still we must look.

  19. >Hello Pamela ~~ Mirror, mirror on the wall, you be the fairest one of all. =) I can relate to the reflections that don't agree with me. While your poem might seem age-related, I can imagine reading this when younger and agreeing, too. Mirrors have never been my friends.

  20. >Wayne thank you and I have not heard from you for some time!Pamela

  21. >irenet23 yes we must!Pamela

  22. >Linda they weren't such enemies not too long ago!Well seems like not too long ago ;)thanks for commenting!Pamela

  23. >We can't escape ourselves no matter what, Pamela. But you could have fun trying! I really like mirrors!

  24. >Derrick I used to! ThanksPamela

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