>’wearing a ring’ poets united #6 diamonds

>placing the ice casing

round her turgid finger

longing to procrastinate

warlord union

haze formed before her eyes




unsatisfactory forecast

take a sip of wine in the Kremlin

as your atonement is percolated

filtered through crummy insights


18 responses to “>’wearing a ring’ poets united #6 diamonds

  1. >ahhah, is this really how women feel in presence of a diamond. i guess this will always remain a mastery for guys. You superbly describe how it feels to wear a diamond.

  2. >sweet and fun.love your words.

  3. >Oh this scares me but its beautiful. I myself mary in 6 months and I hope she doesn't tremble with worry too bad when looking at my itty bitty diamond lol. Thank you for sharing.

  4. >Mory thanks!I am not sure if this is how women feel but could be!Pamela

  5. >Jingle thanks and thanks for the invite!Pamela

  6. >Dont be scared Robert. Thanks!I am sure she loves you no matter the size of the rock!Pamela

  7. >I enjoyed the scarcity of words to give maximum effect and the line 'take a sip of wine in the Kremlin'; may I humbly suggest that the word 'crummy' is a lesser poetic word than the others and seems out of place.

  8. >Thanks for letting me know that ūüėČ I just could not find something to fit better for me at the time!Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  9. >IHHmmmm. I'm wearing a nail polish color called "Show MeThe Ring". Guess I'll have to do that! Your poem made me think of Dr. Zhivago! Although I barely remember it! In any case, well written!

  10. >Diane thanks for saying so!Dr. Zhivago huh!Pamela

  11. >Pamela, this 'diamond' poem seems a bit ominous with the unsatisfactory forecast. Not sure she should accept.http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/07/diamond-ring.html

  12. >Beautifully written! A wonderful take on the prompt!-Weasel

  13. >Mary I pretty sure she won't ;)Pamela

  14. >Weasel thanks you are so kind!Pamela

  15. >Pamela — Crummy? LOL — you run out of words? You? Love the word, "turgid."

  16. >Pamela (and Linda), I was thinking that I liked "crummy insight." It made it so mundane, although turgid got me, too. Well done, Pamela!

  17. >linda perhaps!ThanksPamela

  18. >brenda I am not sure what happened here!thanks!Pamela

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