>her reunion writer’s island #12 reunion

>with a twinkle in her eye and trying to be

pragmatic in approach

dressed in a purple sarong

with fuchia yarn entwined in her auburn hair

she entered into the herd of fobbing guests

a welcome sign hanging on the door

in the large hall a wishing well stood alone

a sojourn on the French Rivera

she walked into the ballroom saw the ice sculptures

and Persian rugs filling up the room

bubbles floating on the ceiling

grasshoppers were being served

on silver platters

the champagne flowed from glasses

a young man

asked her to join him in the freestyle dance

she declined and asked to be excused

went into the restroom

flinging her orange scarf upon the towel rack

feeling separated from life

she began to cry


26 responses to “>her reunion writer’s island #12 reunion

  1. >Definitely sounds like a difficult situation! This poem reminds me of times I've had to force myself to do something that was out of my comfort zone. Good poeming!

  2. >Thanks Maryit would be uncomfortable indeed!Pamela

  3. >This is great, Pamela. Good images (and no loose word!).

  4. >I've my confused.com head on, as I didn't really understand this. Where is the reunion? Sorry to be thick!

  5. >Gordon thanks so much!Pamela

  6. >Viv it is ok but the reunion in my mind took place on the French Rivera! Everything is not what it seems.Pamela

  7. >Expectations are a big part of the reunion experience, many times failing to materialize, or coming at us in costumes we do not recognize. Yet, we continue to dazzle ourselves with their glitter and come hither smiles. I like your poem, Pamela, it struck a deep cord inside of me.Elizabeth

  8. >Elizabeth thanks and I do not like reunions especially high school yuck! I have one coming up in 2011 and have people asking me to go.Pamela

  9. >shy away,I know that as a woman,nice take on the prompt,thank you for the beautiful poem.

  10. >Thanks Jingle! Pamela

  11. >Wonderfully written piece! I don't like reunions either, but I almost believe that they're obsolete with the invention of social networking sites. An excellent take on the prompt!-Weasel

  12. >Weasel I agree almost obsolete!Thanks!Pamela

  13. >I'm not one for formal reunions, especially with people I never fitted in with.

  14. >Stan I hear what you are saying!Pamela

  15. >Pamela, You've painted a lovely portrait leading to a moment of despair. The images, and the scarf in particular work very well. Thanks for this piece, it resonates. ~Brenda

  16. >Brenda thanks for commenting and giving me such a nice compliment! :)Pamela

  17. >Reminded me of times when i can get really shy and ended up getting my whole face red as a tomato :X and got teased at XD, thank for sharing^^

  18. >Reunions do not always go well. Nicely done, and great imagery in this.

  19. >Grsshoppers and champagne….YUMStill, no gilt edge overcomes the black page.Solid writing, this. Well done.

  20. >Riikalnfinityy thanks for commenting!Pamela

  21. >Anthony thank you so much!Pamela

  22. >Ron thanks for the nice comment and yes does that not sound just yummy! :)Pamela

  23. >Tillybud thank you!Pamela

  24. >nicely done Pam….my partner is going to Zurich in Oct for a 30 year reunion….im going on a hockey trip with couple of old friends….Im wondering if my reunion will be better than hers……but Zurich does sound good…..then were both off to Cuba next sspring for another reunion….dam i mite be starting another poem rite here…..sooooo by for now and thanks agaion for your words…and taking the time to reads no only my words but alllllllllllllll the others…cheers

  25. >I want to go to Cuba! Zurich so fantastic! But Cuba is my dream I want to see where Che` lived.Well during his revolution! Thanks!Cheers to u!Pamela

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