>can be felt sunday scribblings #224 source

>power felt in return

It twists back from the end

coils round the opening

and pounces on its prey

power sees no end

It slides up from the shadows

covers the light

does not allow it to enter

power blinds them

at a sideways angle

It scatters filament

then it disappears

12 responses to “>can be felt sunday scribblings #224 source

  1. >I don't write poetry, I'm mostly a fiction writer, so I have trouble understanding and analyzing poetry. I'll just say I saw a thunder/tornado like storm. Am I close. I know, I know. Sorry.

  2. >BJ Roan I had given this no thought to being a storm but could be! Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  3. >I saw electrical wires – but maybe that is because my late husband was an electrical engineer.

  4. >Old Grizz sees the mis-use of power and I assume the powere of one person over another. it coiled around me and would not le go. Interesting..mind provoking…thought titilating…good

  5. >I loved your vocabulary in this piece to tease us in trying to find a meaning behind the poem. Personally I just enjoyed reading it.

  6. >Granny Smith Thanks for commenting and I hadn't thought about it being electricity but I suppose so!Pamela

  7. >Old Grizz thanks for the comment!Pamela

  8. >Oldegg Thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  9. >I saw a snake slithering…. perhaps because I encountered one on my weekend adventure.Enjoyed the word combinations, Pamela! My Sunday Scribbling… (posted on Monday!)

  10. >JulieWhen I wrote it seemed to me more like a snake also!Thanks for commentingPamela

  11. >I love the feel of this – power insinuating itself, once it is there is just kind of seeps into al the corners and then takes over the person who thought they controlled it. Loved it!

  12. >Dee thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

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