>on the outside thursday poets rally #25

>pandemonium has broken out

the cable has been released

a squelch

twist of trouble

is now finagled

hard to understand

observe the tribute

while the sky turns a pumpkin hue

hoopla in a sedentary form awaits

while we mandate urban power

trust is a ward

read when necessary it means survival

insulation is a gem or worse

corrected and refreshed


thanks for the nomination for thursday poets rally #25 perfect poet
I would like to nominate Joanny go checkout her poetry!http://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/2010/07/dance-of-fire-el-amor-brujo.html


38 responses to “>on the outside thursday poets rally #25

  1. >I just went where the poem went and found the journey exhilarating.Loved "read when necessary it means survival"

  2. >Thanks Linda for a nice comment!Pamela

  3. >the sky turns pumpkin hue,love that line,very masterful poem!

  4. >My first time here and I absolutely love your work!! Thanks so much for sharing ~ Amanda x

  5. >:D Amazing it refreshed my mind! 😛 Thank for sharing ^^

  6. >sky turns a pumpkin hue…nice:)

  7. jessicasjapes

    >Love the way the poem flows, you just have to keep going! Like the use of 'finagled'.

  8. >you transform simple idea into such powerful ones."sky turns a pumpkin hue" i love it. nicely done.

  9. >Linda thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  10. >thanks JinglePamela

  11. >Thanks Amanda!Pamela

  12. >riikainfinityy thank you!Pamela

  13. >hoiden it does in fact thanks!Pamela

  14. >jessica thanks for that!Pamela

  15. >fiveloaf thanks for commenting!Pamela

  16. >Mory I appreciate that!Pamela

  17. >oh my!!! 😦 this is advanced poetry to me :(but still they way it's written.. i liked it… i'm learning stiff too :)www.dancingfreak.wordpress.com

  18. >How nice Harshika thanks!Pamela

  19. >I love how the poem is about pandemonium breaking out, and then the poem itself is pandemonium. Very clever and very good.

  20. >Thanks Joe!Pamela

  21. evangelinehannah

    >"while the sky turns a pumpkin hue" Love it!

  22. >thanks evangeline!Pamela

  23. >Fast paced, great read, witty, creative imaginative, and splendid choice of words. You know your English language well. You know how to weave words together in a meaningful and artful way. Joanny from thursdays rally http://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/did two posts today this one is for jingles rallyhttp://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/2010/07/dance-of-fire-el-amor-brujo.html July 22, 2010 11:14 PM

  24. >"Hoopla in a sedentary form awaits" was my favorite line. There is such a strong contradiction here that makes that line for me irresistible. It's almost like the arrival of 2012. A piece surely to fit in with all the History Channel's doomsday features they've been running lately. I love messy pieces like this! Thought provoking paired with various interpretations…Truly a great read!!

  25. >Beautiful poem, really loved the way it flows. Lovely imagery. Great work!

  26. >Joanny thanks for that!Pamela

  27. >splashofexpressionthank you!Pamela

  28. >deadpoet88 thanks for saying so!Pamela

  29. >Jingle thanks and happy friday to you!Pamela

  30. >PamelaI became a follower of yours today, your style, tone , and appropriate pairing of words, makes your poetry pleasurable to read.Joanny

  31. >thanks Joanny and I really like your poetry as well!Pamela

  32. >lovely poem pamela

  33. >reedssss thanks so much!Pamela

  34. literaryparoxysm

    >"Pumpkin hue" – loved it!

  35. >Thanks literary!Pamela

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