>’the only way round it’ poets united #7 sound

>You may pass for a shilling into the grotto

As intravenous superfluous desire

trembles inside you

An ebb tide comes back

Larceny is not extinct

Pugnacious with your poor query

Listen to this


The trees

Noon dwarfs as you paddle

to be conventional with your art

Listen to this

as I obfuscate

An oval queen has become kingly

Can you hear it?


20 responses to “>’the only way round it’ poets united #7 sound

  1. >This was a 2/3 times read for me. Liked the phrase "Noon dwarfs as you paddle"

  2. >Thanks Gordon! Nice thing to say!Pamela

  3. >Excellent post! "Larceny is not extinct" one out of many favorite lines of the poem!-Weasel

  4. >an ebb tide come back…the echo of sound which is profound.beautiful sound poem!

  5. >Weasel thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  6. >Thanks Jingle!Pamela

  7. >Pamela! Excellent writing. I love the internal quality of intravenous to an ebb tide.~Brenda

  8. >Brenda thanks :)Pamela

  9. >I love your use of Listen to this and then the verses how they follow and make you think. I found my self straining to hear your words and almost falling into the grotto. Great poem. Thank you for sharing Pamela.

  10. >Thanks Robert for the nice comment!Pamela

  11. >Nice..love an oval queen has become kingly – great image…bkm

  12. >thanks bkm I appreciate that!Pamela

  13. >Wonderful scenery portrayed in this poem, I can go on keeping having this image in my mind and it is definitely great! Thank for sharing :D~Have a great weekend ahead^^

  14. >thanks rlikainfinityy and you do the same!Pamela

  15. >A great read, Pamela. But you sent me to the dictionary with the word 'obfuscate.'

  16. >Thanks Mary and dictionaries are a great tool!Pamela

  17. >Very beautiful poem Flaubert, and I love the ending…it is perfect! 🙂

  18. >Thanks Carrie!Pamela

  19. >"An oval queen has become kingly". HOL-EE COW!!! One of the best lines ever!

  20. >Sherry thanks I had almost forgotten the impact that line had on some people! lolPamela

I appreciate all comments.

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