>’shattered’ big tent poetry #12 favourite poem or poet

>As I sit in my dark vacancy with no

remorse he visits me nightly

to torture me and remind of my


Engulfed in misery I wait for my

love to return but it never does

The cold air moves me in spasms

I choke as I cough up this putrid

decay I call life and once again he

visits me and calls out the names

of the ones I have lost

My pain is becoming unbearable

as he tortures me deeper

I wait for his return to suffer

I enjoy the visits just the same

He reminds me of where

I’ve been and what is coming

My destiny is in his thoughts

I want the cold air to leave me

brittle and frigid so that I may

shatter in my dark

vacancy with no remorse


33 responses to “>’shattered’ big tent poetry #12 favourite poem or poet

  1. >Certainly dark and despairing, Pamela – so, job done! I really like:"once again hevisits me and calls out the namesof the ones I have lost"

  2. >Tillybud my inspiration came from Edgar Allan Poe. If you think it to be quite frightening then I have succeeded! Thanks for commenting!Pamela

  3. >Thanks Derrick! Dark and depairing can work sometimes!Pamela

  4. >Pamela–The ending packs a punch. I love your darker pieces. This one is beautifully put together. Bravo!

  5. >Brenda thanks for the nice compliment! I really appreciate it!Pamela

  6. >Very well written! Poe got me started in poetry when I was in high school. "A Dream within A Dream" was a very inspiring piece, and still is. Great work!-Weasel

  7. >Too frightening pour moi. I have never been able to read Poe.I had to leave the movies when I was younger( A Superman Movie ) when Lois Lane and Clark Kent were in a helicopter that was teetering off the top of a building.I know…how do I cope with life?..Answer..not very well:)

  8. >Weasel thanks so much!I love Poe and his darkness but then I have always liked being just a little bit frightened!Pamela

  9. >Rall don't be scared! For me there is nothing more frightening than the human race. And that does at times make it hard to cope. So reading something written with darkness and despair is easy to deal with!Pam

  10. >super.I was really snagged by the couplet(?) I wait for his return to suffer/ I enjoy the visits just the sameand it just gets better from there.

  11. >Gautami I just read your poem and I can see you do relate to this!Pamela

  12. >Barb thanks for the nice comment and I am not sure is that a couplet(?)Pamela

  13. >I spotted the hand of Poe right away. He's also one of my favorites. Nicely executed.

  14. >That really was a chilling piece! Guilt, horrid memories all flashing back .. till a point where it doesn't seem to matter any more.. I really liked the way you've brought it out in your poem.. with feeling!!Bravo..

  15. >Some kind of fear is portrayed beautifully, with an invisible villain who is taunting big time. Enjoyable poetry.

  16. >This rings true Pamela, and shows an incredible amount of flexibility on your part. I especially like the ending, starting with the line: "My destiny is in his thoughts…" A startling, but sinister echo. Great response to the prompt.Elizabeth

  17. >Thanks Francis and I was not certain if most people would!Pamela

  18. >kavisionz thanks so much!Pamela

  19. >Nithin RSThanks!Pamela

  20. >Elizabeth I never thought of myself as flexible but maybe so!Pamela

  21. >Oh and thanks so much Elizabeth!

  22. >I'm a fan of Poe AND you. I like the dark, desolate, melancholy in this piece. Well crafted!

  23. >so dark! and the lines "I choke as I cough up this putrid/ decay I call life"… yikes how evocative. thanks for sharing. hope your nights aren't really like this!

  24. >Susan what a nice thing to say!Pamela

  25. >Oh, Pamela, this is so chilling…makes my spine tingle. I used to occasionally read Poe, but not in a long time. Perhaps I should again!

  26. >siubhan thanks and no this is not an autobiography ;)Pamela

  27. >Mary thanks for the comment and yes is a bit scary and that was my inspiration here!Pamela

  28. >like poe, dark but confident. i don't know if that makes sense. but that's what i always got from poe. that things were dreary and frightening and desperate: but at least he was certain about it. didn't hesitate. forward, ho!

  29. >scary…dark….despair….makes for goooooooooood poetry…thanks for this Pam

  30. >Thanks Carolee and happy birthday!Pamela

  31. >thanks Wayne Cheers!Pamela

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