>little piglets

>If you hear the cries
while being taken away
to a slaughter house
knowing what’s happening to
their brothers
If you watch with a careful eye
you can see them cry just like
you and me
They squeal and fight `cause it does
mean their life
they will never see their mothers again
Can you hear them cry?
and beg for just a little more time
as you do


8 responses to “>little piglets

  1. >Pamela, This is so sad… Thanks for sharing it, and giving these piglets a voice. ~Brenda

  2. >Brenda there is a long story behind this believe me and thanks!Pamela

  3. >This post somehow connects with Tillybud's post (another sad story about a pig) this morning on http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/ !

  4. >This is so sad (and I say that as a pork-lover). I really like it.How funny that we should write about pigs on the same day.http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com

  5. >Viv I had read Tillybud's poem and it brought to mind an experience I had when I first moved to Mexico. When I lived on a pig farm. Real sad experience for me.And that is why I wrote this.Pamela

  6. >Tillybud it was after reading your poem that I wrote thisIt reminded me of an experience I had here in Mexico.Pamela

  7. >nice one,sad but hopefully it gives you some relief.

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