>on an ocean liner writer’s island #13 titles

>on a pale september

he boarded the luxury liner

In a state of confusion thinking about Suzanne

his winter lady an infamous angel without wings

she now belonged to the sisters of mercy

all she wrote were earthling tales about a cowgirl’s prayer

living the poor man’s dream

no longer a slave to love

member of the village green preservation society

on his way to visit school boys in disgrace

he would tell tales about the working man’s café

It’s a west side story about misfits

that attend a beggar’s banquet

these are his stories of the street

knowing the end would only come

when doves cry

and release his rabbit heart that was

trapped between two lungs

Leonard Cohen: Stories of the street
Suzanne,Winter lady,Sisters of mercy
West side story: Broadway musical
Florence and the machine: Between two lungs
Rabbit heart
Emmylou Harris: Cowgirl’s prayer
Luxury liner
David Bowie: Earthling
The Rolling Stones: Beggar’s banquet
Roxie music: Slave to love
Fiona Apple: Pale September
Pearl Jam: The end
Prince: When doves cry
Iris Dement: Infamous angel
Ray Davies and the Kinks: Poor mans dream
School boys in disgrace,Village green preservation society
State of confusion,Misfits,Working man’s cafe
All she wrote


25 responses to “>on an ocean liner writer’s island #13 titles

  1. >I love it, Pamela! Many of the titles were familiar, and you worked them into a lovely cohesive piece. The end is phenomenal. Bravo!

  2. >Brenda thanks and now I am going to go visit everyone!Pamela

  3. >Excellently woven together. I noticed a lot of the song titles right off, especially the Stones: Beggars Banguet. Big Stones fan, long live rock n roll, LOL! Great post!-WeaselBefore I forget, you've got a blog award!http://systematicweasel.wordpress.com/2010/07/24/one-lovely-blog-award/

  4. >Nice nubby weave. Original. Good work, Pamela…nice to find you.

  5. >Weasel thanks for the blog award and thanks for the really nice compliment!My taste in music is so varied I love just about anything! So now if I can figure out how to do all this linking with the award I feel better!LOL I am challenged by technology ugh!Pamela

  6. >JamieDedes thanks and glad I found you too!Pamela

  7. >Excellent mix 😀 I love it totally and i am here to present you the same award as well ;DHere you go~Hope you enjoy it :)http://riikainfinityy.com/2010/07/25/one-lovely-blog-award/

  8. >Thanks for that riikainfinityy!Pamela

  9. >Excellent way to work in so many great music references!

  10. >Thanks jenkeapotente!Pamela

  11. >Even though the titles are so familiar, you worked them in smoothly. Great piece, great songs!

  12. >thanks Stan! Don't you just love Ray!Pamela

  13. >great tunes Pam…and nicely done with the poem…..I had the infamous angel….but couldnt find a spot for another angel in mine….but the great Iris should have been there….dam shed is goooooooood……thanks for sharing this

  14. >Wayne I love Iris I got the chance to meet her personally and shake her and get her autograph!What an adventure for me!CheersPam

  15. >Pamela, really well done, excellent response to the prompt, as well as use of the titles.Elizabeth

  16. >This is so clever – you have managed to tell a real story, with such a disparate group of titles, woven seamlessly.

  17. >Fantastic how you were able to weave all these titles into a coherent whole. Well done.

  18. >Elizabeth thanks!Pamela

  19. >Viv thanks and I enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  20. >Annie thank you!Pamela

  21. >Fun to see how you worked all of the titles into the poem, and the diversity of artists. I see you are another Leonard Cohen fan. I never heard of Florence and the Machine. LOL. Creative piece.http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/07/soolaimon.html

  22. >Mary thanks! And I love Leonard he is fantastic!Florence and the machine is a fairly new group from England and I like her style.Oh by the way I deleted the one lovely blog from here because my husband and I were talking about how maybe it was a scam to get people's private information. Now that I think about it it did remind me of the pyramid scheme wanting all those links to other people's blogs.Sometimes I am a bit dense and do not catch things right off. Sorry about that!Pamela

  23. >Pamela, I ended doing the same with the "one lovely" thing. I had prepared a whole post, posted it (it existed only overnight, then this morning I felt differently about it), then deleted it. I will have to check out Florence and the Machine! You seem to like a lot of the same music I do, so perhaps I will like Florence as well.

  24. >What a great selection of titles – you even included Fiona Apple, my favourite. I'm assuming this was not all from one album!

  25. >Thanks Keith! No these are various cds I ownand I just started going through them and I also love Fiona!Pamela

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