>a letter held no more sunday scribblings #225 letter

>I received the letter in the post
You proudly said that reduction
had to be put in place
What a bright person you are
Immediate as you postulate

As I held these words in my hands
A serenade began in my head
A spasm in my brain scurrying bright
A jumping warp about to rupture

I need to guard my feelings
Wrap them up in vinyl and hide them
Selfish is decidedly the best nurture
Vapid is an option of my own

Quizzically I read the words again
and your morbid sense of life
came across like a hark tripping
on the wire and I tore the letter up


12 responses to “>a letter held no more sunday scribblings #225 letter

  1. >Some letters are best left unread.Great poem with a lot of emotion in it.

  2. >Thanks Anthony!How true!Pamela

  3. >what a haunting thing,very well stated.Happy Sunday!

  4. >sounds like a letter no one would want to receive. Sad but well done.

  5. >Oh that word reduction! What the reader can surmise from that. The word hark grabbed me too did it mean memory here? Whatever the poem was powerful and a rewarding read,

  6. >Selfish is decidedly the best nurtureVapid is an option of my ownobstinate, protective… powerfull. loved it. thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. >Thanks JinglePamela

  8. >Something like that oldeggThanksPamela

  9. >Thanks Dr AmitPamela

  10. >I would have to open it yep couldn't resist

  11. >me too thanks!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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