>when I think we write poems #12 yesterday today tomorrow

>yesterday carnage filled the vestibule
no way to navigate through it to theorize
as bitter feelings foster scorn
today envelopes hope that utters
serenity that may expunge
with well-crafted precision
tomorrow you will guess and keep
flurry hanging over appreciation
with replicated heat inside


23 responses to “>when I think we write poems #12 yesterday today tomorrow

  1. >Looks like three tough days, Pamela!

  2. >agree with derrick — hope the air clears!

  3. >Interesting, clever, dark, with a piece of hope for today! Great post, Pamela!

  4. >Derrick it is not an autobiography thank goodness!Pamela

  5. >Thanks Angie!Pamela

  6. >Thank you Brenda!Pamela

  7. >smart thoughts.

  8. >thanks Jingle!Pamela

  9. >Erm…did you mean 'flurry' or 'fury' in the next to last line? I have to admit flurry bothered me…

  10. >jinsky I meant flurryand I suppose it is all a matter of interpretionof the reader but thanks for commenting!Pamela

  11. >Pamela, you always have an interesting take on the prompt. I enjoy visits to your blog. In this poem, I like that today envelopes hope that utters serenity. Today really is all that we have.

  12. >nice take on the prompt Pam….good days…bad days…..gotta take them as they come…..it is the letting go that matters…..thanks for thsi Pam

  13. >Mary today is all we have! We must live it to its fullest I agree! Thanks for a great prompt!Pamela

  14. >yes it is the letting go that matters and thanks for that!Pamela

  15. >I mean Wayne thanks! oops!

  16. >Your "yesterday" was a real bummer! Glad its not autobiographical lol!

  17. >This said to me 'Today's hope is that tomorrow we don't repeat the mistakes of yesterday'

  18. >Bingo Stan!you are quite perceptive!Pamela

  19. >Marian just imagine!Pamela

  20. >why is it, do you think, that yesterday–even when it's horrible–is usually more interesting than the rest

  21. >it is my honor to meet your wonderful poetry.Vestibule has always been one of my favorite words.I like you very much already!!– a Jingle buddy.

  22. >Barb I am not sure of why that is!ThanksPam

  23. >Thank you very much Jannie!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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