>lovers poets united #8 sultry

>the smell of you upon my skin
whirling through my senses
of infinity

round and round
scents of you, pleasurable
hold me fixed, caress my skin

you touch my hair
kiss my lips
gaze into my eyes
infinity exists

trace my finger on your skin
the shape of the neverending
with no beginning, no end
sign of infinity

what happens next?
wait for a sign
till the morning comes
infinity finally leaves me


21 responses to “>lovers poets united #8 sultry

  1. >Ah, the luxuriousness of the interlude…seemingly perfect and endless, until it ends. Very sexy and sad.- Dina

  2. >Infinity is never forever….such an odd thought. I enjoyed reading your poem Pamela. I loved how senusal this particular line was"trace my finger on your skinthe shape of the neverending with no beginning"It sparked some interesting images in my mind. Thank you for sharing.

  3. >Pamela, this is very sexy and sultry indeed. The fourth stanza is my favorite!

  4. >Amazing how scents pull you to someone—lovely and sexy…scents…yes, scents…bkm

  5. >thanks Dina and it is sad!Psmela

  6. >infinity is forever Robert thanks!Pamela

  7. >thanks Mary!Pamela

  8. >thanks bkm!Pamela

  9. >…round and roundscents of you, pleasurable hold me fixed, caress my skininfinity……the scent of someone you desire can have a delightfully dizzling effect for sure…dig these lines and this piece. (^_^)

  10. >apt usage of sense and smooth flow,beautiful job!

  11. >flaubert I love your poem for the prompt…the description and imagery is so vivid and beautiful. 🙂

  12. >A beautifully sensual poem, Pamela!

  13. >Dasuntoucha thanks for visiting and commenting!Pamela

  14. >Jingle thanks!:)Pamela

  15. >Carrie thank you so much!Pamela

  16. >Thanks Diane and yours was quite sexy!Pamela

  17. >beautiful written and sizzling feeling=P, thank for sharing

  18. >Beautiful sensual piece, Pamela. I love it. The piece swirls around…pulling me with it.~Brenda

  19. >thanks tea cup!Pamela

  20. >Thanks Brenda and riik!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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