>in the summer big tent poetry #13 pop icons

>incense and peppermints
who cares
long-legged hippie girls
in silk-upholstered chairs

lady godiva
I’d rather be in philadelphia
manic depression
manic depression

the wind cries mary
haven’t had a good day since ’69
haven’t had a good day
my makeup’s divine

old worn out carpet is tearing a hole
in the old worn out image of you
broken shoes bother my feet sometimes
Hey, mister. Can you spare a dime?

incense and peppermints
who cares
long-haired hippie boys
longings and images I can’t forget
take another little piece of my heart
Another little piece of my heart


28 responses to “>in the summer big tent poetry #13 pop icons

  1. >Clever, Pamela. 60's music by various icons? I'm partial to "The Wind Cries Mary." LOL.

  2. >This is full of powerful images.

  3. >Thanks Mary I had bit of trouble with this promptmy muse was very uncooperative! ugh!Pam

  4. >Thanks for that Viv!Pamela

  5. >beautiful wording dear!loved itHave a great weekend!Love Sunshine

  6. >Thanks Sunshine and you do the same!Pamela

  7. >I really like this, Pamela. 'incense and peppermints' – delicious.http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com

  8. >Thanks tillybud appreciate that!Pamela

  9. >old worn out carpet is tearing a holein the old worn out image of youLove that bit!

  10. >Pamela, good piece and use of the lyrics and I liked the repeat on the last lines, one of my favorites.Elizabeth

  11. >I can remember the sixties, but then I was just a kid…

  12. >twitches thanks for the comment!Pamela

  13. >ElizabethThanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  14. >Stan I also remember the sixties and I was just a kid myself I was born in `57!Pamela

  15. >Some great references to some great songs! Great work!-Weasel

  16. >I love this Pamela. The songs fit in perfectly. You rose to the prompt. Bravo!

  17. >very nice Pam…brings back all those memories I always forget way back then.when my hair was down to my azz….thanks for the memories….and the muse always works…have a great weekend…I think it has been hotter up here this past few weeks than what you have….anyways cheers from the mountains

  18. >Very clever using the old song lyrics!

  19. >weasel thank you!Pamela

  20. >very kind of you Brenda!Pamela

  21. >Thanks Wayne and it is nothing like summer hereit is cold and rainy most of these months due to the altitude and the volcanoes. Have a nice weekend too!Pamela

  22. >Thanks for commenting Cynthia!Pamela

  23. >Thanks Rall! Pamela

  24. >I was a little too young to experience those lyrics firsthand, but I've gotten pretty well acquainted with them since. It gave me the feeling of being at a summer rock festival.

  25. >Thanks Francis and I am not too young! ;)Pamela

  26. >my muse was very uncooperative – ? What did you use for a stand-in? This is marvelous work! Love it. Still humming and I don't even know the tune. 🙂

  27. >Susan thanks and I felt as if I really did not follow the prompt that well. Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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