>little queen little princess we write poems #13 little red riding hood revisited

>little red hooded queen

walking through a rainy forest

she was perfectly tired of carrying the burden

a crass moose crosses her path

inebriated and persistent with his questions

she became irritated with his horrid stench

little red hooded princess

running in the woods

she was terrified from what she had seen

she slipped in the mud and a bald headed

eagle arrived to pick her up

inebriated and persistent with his questions

she thought this is useless

my journey through the woods

poor little red riding hood


26 responses to “>little queen little princess we write poems #13 little red riding hood revisited

  1. >One never knows what one will find when one dares venture into the forest these days!

  2. >Inebriated moose are so irritating! And what a surprising image. I love it, Pamela! The entire piece. Your humor delights me. ~Brenda

  3. >One never knows Mary ;)Pamela

  4. >Brenda they can be! Thanks!Pamela

  5. >Nice antidote for the dark, Pam.

  6. >Thanks Barb :)Pam

  7. >oh, great one Pamela!shone a little light in the dark.:)

  8. >Angie thanks for the nice comment;)Pamela

  9. >Pamela…I like this take on the tale. No mention of the wolf anywhere, just a nasty moose and a crochety eagle…and I guess I'm not the only one who thought of Red as a princess-like figure. Nicely done.-Nicole

  10. >Nicole thanks and I think I have always looked at her as a princess!Pamela

  11. >That's the trouble with living in the forest, Pamela. Nothing to do but get drunk and hassle folks!

  12. >yeah that is what happens Derrick!Pamela

  13. >Poor little princess indeed! Confronted by a drunk moose and drunk eagle! My oh my! The princess must be you, LOL. Love this one!

  14. >Well Diane I would not exactly call myself a princess ;)Thanks though!Pamela

  15. >Fun take on this prompt, Pam. It is indeed a good thing most creatures don't wander around drunk! Andy BTW I love knowing why you use the name Flaubert–cute doggie!

  16. >A staggering tipsy moose makes a wonderful image. Love your humor and take on the fairy tale.

  17. >Peggy thanks I will be sure to let Flaubert what you said he will be delighted! ;)Pamela

  18. >Linda Thanks I had fun with this one!Pamela

  19. >Friday night bar scene anywhere in the world.Wonder how people see me when I'm drunk? I know it's not the bald eagle…

  20. >Well I am not sure of what you are exactly saying Stan ;)Pamela

  21. >Funny and delightful Pamela!

  22. >Thanks Irene :)Pamela

  23. >nice one Pam….that first line got me going….yearsssssssssss ago I knew this red head drag queen in Montreal…thanks for sharing this

  24. >Well Wayne was it similar to my poem ;)Thanks!Pamela

  25. >Great take! A pleasure to read it!wolfish grins

  26. >Thanks gautami!Pamela

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