>`it is mine` poets united #9 sanctuary

>I seek refuge in my sanctuary
It is an unusual place I hide
to articulate my thoughts
I start with introduction from scarlet
sentences upon white paper
At times I blunder and taunt myself
But I moderate with separation
as if floating down a creek
on a summer day watching marsupials
hanging about in the trees
Then something inside me limbers up
a sample has been written
it is somber and I become intrepid
I am not transparent I have found my


13 responses to “>`it is mine` poets united #9 sanctuary

  1. >:-) Love love love this.Our sanctuaries have similarities, my love! My Thursday Think Tank Poem.

  2. >Oh this is quite wonderful. I LOVE the image of you floating down the river watching marsupials hanging about in the trees…..so cool. I like the limberingup and the finding ofyour sanctuary. Good work.

  3. >very sweet! I like it and I never even thought to add my writing as part of my sanctuary when I wrote mine for this. Well done. 🙂

  4. >A very wonderful poem! Great take on the prompt!-Weasel

  5. >very beautifully said.writing, walking down a creek,these are amazing ways to escape.

  6. >Your sanctuary sounds so welcoming. Theone on one with nature. Lyrical poem.

  7. >Pamela,Lovely to meet you and your words.I have found sanctuary many times, when alone with my own words, or those of a favourite writer.Best wishes,Eileen

  8. >Pamela, I love the idea of floating down a creek watching marsupials! Brilliantly done!

  9. >Thanks everyone for all your nice commentsnow it is time for me to go visiting everyone over at poets united!Pamela

  10. >I love the idea and flow…A sanctuary in motion…

  11. >Always love your words! Wonderful take on the prompt! 🙂

  12. >Thanks Nino!Pamela

  13. >Carrie thanks so much!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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