>something different big tent poetry #14

>tears fall fast and thin.
a world that cares less.
turtles follow me on the shore.
crawling along and smiling.
prominent with my surety.


40 responses to “>something different big tent poetry #14

  1. >A very strong image in these compact lines. Great job Pamela.

  2. >Definitely different – enjoyable as always.

  3. >Interesting image, interesting punctuation. Isn't it fun changing one's normal parameters?

  4. >Short. Sweet. Shrot and sweet. Good stuff.

  5. >This short poem brings contains strong images! Nice work, Pamela.

  6. >Pamela, do you see that green shell back following you on the beach? The one nipping at your heels with a crooked smile? That's me! Hey you looked, the smile is for you poem, different is good.Regards,DH

  7. >I love turtles! Remember one time when one swam with me to the shore, making sure I got there. Delightfully written, Pamela!

  8. >Pamela…I'm up at my folks' place. We'll do some turtle hunting later! (we let them go, the thrill is the hunt!) Great use of images. And yes, this is different than your usual fare, but your talent carries it through. 😉 ~Brenda

  9. >Wonderfully written! Compact and producing powerful images. Great post!-Weasel

  10. >Succinct and filled with something to think about—I like it.

  11. >Turtles shed real tears. I feel terribly sorry for them.Sartre thought a lobster was following him when he was on mescalin:)

  12. >Francis thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  13. >Stan what a nice compliment!I am never sure if you like what I have written.Pamela

  14. >Viv thanks and it was a bit different than the norm for me.Pamela

  15. >Thanks Ron loved your sonnet!Pamela

  16. >Thanks Mary for saying so!Pamela

  17. >Donald so that was you following me on the beachthanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  18. >Diane thanks and that is a lovely story!Pamela

  19. >Brenda I am not sure I could do that, but as long as you let them go it is cool!Thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  20. >Weasel how nice of you!ThanksPamela

  21. >Linda thank you!Pamela

  22. >Rall I did not know that about turtles, they are lovely creatures!Now for Sartre he was a political activistand he did mescaline? I am shocked!!! ;)Pam

  23. >So vivid. I like the style –

  24. >Very nice imagery, Pamela! Turtles and tears. People care less… Tears fallen cannot be recovered, but if we care sufficiently, we should be able to save the turtles.Nice use of compact lines!

  25. >Very different, Pamela! An appropriate message for today.

  26. >Thanks Susan!Pamela

  27. >Paul thanks for commenting and visiting!Pamela

  28. >Derrick thanks and it is indeed!Pamela

  29. >I like the short, symbolic way you wrote this. The turtles smiling was wonderful! (What a treasure to see them on the beach!)

  30. >Thanks Cynthia!I love turtles!Pamela

  31. >nicely A differented Pam…..and thanks for BD wishes

  32. >Well written, Pamela, and definitely a different style than your usual!

  33. >a most enjoyable prompt this week to see everyone's different styles… i don't think we give turtles enuf credit for living long lives… it is a beautiful poem pamela…

  34. >Thanks Wayne and I hope it was a good one!Pamela

  35. >Diane thank you! Different can be liberating!Pamela

  36. >guatami thanks!Pamela

  37. >Thank you ms pie!Turtles are wonderful animals!Pamela

  38. >Loved the center of the poem, the "turtles follow me on the shore."Brought me to a beautiful place.

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