>I am spellbound writer’s island #15 spellbound

>as I penultimate to the next phase
I am voracious
as you give me cryptic signs
we ornate and become statuesque
as we bloom
static with fibers
I am spellbound in my stupor
as swordfish sail from the ocean floor


26 responses to “>I am spellbound writer’s island #15 spellbound

  1. >Excellent post, filled with lots of imagery. Great response to the prompt!-Weasel

  2. >a spellbinding use of words!

  3. >"Penultimate" is sending me to the dictionary.I love 'spellbound in my stupor.'

  4. >I like "as we bloom/static with fibers". I like your take on the prompt. Lots of good sense imagery.Elizabeth

  5. >Great visual description of the feeling.

  6. >Captivated by your words 🙂

  7. >You are causing me to penultimate as I bloom!

  8. >nicely created Pam….like the imagery….thanks again for you poetry….for reading mine ands the BD wishes

  9. >Such creative use of words. Very mysterious really and allows for a number of applications and interpretations. I like it more and more as I read it over!

  10. >You've captured the scene. Very visual.

  11. >Thanks WeaselI enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  12. >Thank you Viv yours was one of the first ones I read this morning and it was quite a delight!Pamela

  13. >Thanks Mary and sometimes I am!Pamela

  14. >Thanks Elizabeth and I enjoyed reading yours this morning!Pamela

  15. >Thanks Stan and I loved your cultural poem!Pamela

  16. >Thanks riika!Pamela

  17. >I am not sure I want to do that Diane ;)Pamela

  18. >Thanks Wayne and I love reading your words!Pamela

  19. >Thank you very much Peggy!Pamela

  20. >Thanks Anthony!Pamela

  21. >The last image of the swordfish in ocean floor has the right touch of irreverence.

  22. >Thanks IrenePamela

  23. >Great poem and I am spelbound by your words. Being dutch I did have to look up some of them.have a great day!

  24. >Thanks so much MarjaPsmela

  25. >Spectacular read, Pamela. This poem is filled with bright, bold images. Well done!

  26. >Thanks Marianne nice to see you!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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