>about a girl POW $#15 wordle


In the morn among a trickle
Rude Rose in her girdle
She didn’t want to wobble
A maiden in her heart for joy boy
Her peach glow was compact

Silk and tulle covered a table for tea
Fine china starting to crack
In the hall on logs she would burn
the bud of a dead flower

She had a frisson quake run through her
With fingers in white lap
And a sparrow feather for a promise
On the tip of her lip nothing but twaddle


20 responses to “>about a girl POW $#15 wordle

  1. >Interesting images, Pamela. I picture a girl who lost her maidenhead, or is about to. Am I close?~Brenda

  2. >I get the same picture, (Brenda's first suggestion)…Compact use of the words.

  3. >she seems to be only virgin in her heart.

  4. >On the tip of her lip nothing but twaddleSounds like a bad case of young love overcome with anticipation! Clever of you to get all the words in such a concise format.

  5. >Something suggests she's not quite so virginal as might appear! I like "sparrow feather for a promise". The words have certainly lent a sensual aspect to many of our poems!

  6. >Clever compact poem. I am going to use 'joy boy'..Ha.It is easy to ramble on and on with wordles. The skill in craft and imagination is keeping it short as you have.I tend to agree with Barbara on this one.

  7. >I see her more as a middle-aged wannabe sex symbol (because she need a girdle to stop her wobbling). The joy boy is a great introduction.

  8. >Brenda thanks and no but Viv got it right!Pamela

  9. >Thanks Stan!Pamela

  10. >Barb she is only in her heart!Pamela

  11. >Jinksy thanks but not young love!Pamela

  12. >Derrick thanks and yes not so virginal!Pamela

  13. >Rall thanks for the nice compliment!Pam

  14. >Viv you are absolutely correct!The clue is her wobbling that would not be a young girl.Pamela

  15. >Sorry I missed the guessing game. That's a great last stanza.

  16. >Thanks a lot Francis!Pamela

  17. >nicely wordled Pam…no ???…I knew Rude Rose…didnt drink tea though…..and she wasnt really rude… thanks for your words again

  18. >Wayne thanks and it seems we have lost Ralltemporarily!Pam

  19. >Thanks Jingle and have a nice weekend too!cheersPamela

I appreciate all comments.

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