>My fear we write poems #14 a list poem

>I’m not afraid of anything

I’d never;

              Jump off a bridge or

              a cliff

you can’t put me in a box

                                     with just a cord about my waist

                                     or my ankle

Jump out of a plane

                             just a pack on my back

                             pull a cord and make my safety secure

you could wrap me round

a silly go round

I’m afraid of some things


16 responses to “>My fear we write poems #14 a list poem

  1. >I like the playfulness of this one, Pamela. Seems as though you were thinking out loud. I think the layout lends to that feel wonderfully.- Dina

  2. >I feel the same way, especially about bungee jumping! Too dangerous for a brave person like me, LOL. Beautifully written!

  3. >Great piece, Pamela! The silly go round sums it up. I like my feet firmly planted. :)~Brenda

  4. >I have done many things, some that taught me lasting deep rooted lessons, others the lesson that I'll never try that again. I too like the playfulness in your poem, but then it is in play that we learn best. I like the structure of the piece that puts me in mind of a child playing hide and seek, or some other silly go-round. Elizabeth

  5. >I was struk by the first line "I'm not afraid of amything" as compared to the ending "I'm afraid of some things." Nice writing, Pamela.

  6. >You can't even get me *on* a high bridge or cliff. Well done, P!

  7. >Nice, Pamela! I like the way you start with hyperbole, qualify it, then admit it's not quite right. So real!

  8. >I am with Brenda, I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. Love your list poem! 🙂

  9. >It is possible to be brave and smart 😉 i enjoyed this, it makes me think of how I talk: make a comment then add the stipulations 🙂

  10. >ALways have a courage to step up in life! I enjoyed this poem a lot! Have a wonderful week!Love Sunshine

  11. >Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!Pamela

  12. >nicely afraid……ed….thanks for this Pam

  13. >Thanks Wayne!There are some things I am afraid of!Pam

  14. >u r so very productive..love your talent!

  15. >Thanks Jingle have a nice weekend!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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