>the colors that mix we write poems #15


I see a tinge of ochre
as I look through this maze
of memories cast aside

Chartreuse becomes unforgiving
as we mount them on a pedestal
I look for vividness in a foggy
past and hope for something more

I see a trace of melancholy
and wonder where it has gone


24 responses to “>the colors that mix we write poems #15

  1. >Pamela, The influence of the last week rings heavy in this poem. Beautiful piece. I especially like "I look for vividness in a foggy past and hope for something more" (me too)~Brenda

  2. >I also like the line: "I look for vividness in a foggy past." As I am writing here, I am thinking that perhaps this is one things that poems can accomplish: keep our memories VIVID. Nicely crafted.

  3. >Brenda thanks and I have not written anything for the past few days. But last night I decided to write to the prompt.Pamela

  4. >Thanks Mary I think so.Pamela

  5. >Definitely tinged with sadness, Pamela. But the vividness was there once.

  6. >Beautiful, vivid…sad but I see hope too…in a roomful of plates

  7. >Nicely done, Pamela! I love the unforgiving nature of these hoarded memories. I had a hard time approaching the picture because of the unforgiving melancholy in it. You've captured it nicely!

  8. >I see that trace of melancholy too, Pamela. Your poem was very touching… well analyzed… I loved it!

  9. >I also liked the "trace of melancholy" – things that hide just beneath the surface…

  10. >Derrick it certainly was.ThanksPamela

  11. >Thanks Gautami!Pamela

  12. >Thank you PaulIt was a difficult picture for me as well.Pamela

  13. >Thanks Diane.Pamela

  14. >Thanks Marian!Pamela

  15. >Now that you mentioned it, yes it does have an undertone of melancholy..Hmmm

  16. >Thank Irene!Pamela

  17. >I love the dichotomy in this poem..some memories so vivid and colourful..other a foggy blur. How do we choose which is which?Beautiful writing…

  18. >imaginative travelerThanks and I am not sure exactly.Pamela

  19. >ochre in first line got me going….then the foggy past…..ummmm nuttin is foggy in the past….kinda muddy….anyways thanks again Pam…Mexico cam up at poker last nite 2 of the guys go down there at least once a year…sailing and scuba…and whatever else….take care

  20. >Wayne thanks for the nice comment.What part of Mexico do they go to?CheersPam

  21. >Isn't it wonderful where this prompt has taken everyone? I saw cheery schmaltz, others just memories and you saw sadness and wrote it with subtlety.

  22. >Thanks Viv and I did see sadness in this picture.Pamela

  23. >I see a tinge of ochreas I look through this mazeof memories cast asideBeautiful beginning. This poem speaks to me on many levels,

  24. >Thanks Linda.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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