>dangerous enemy sunday scribblings #229 dangerous

>Everywhere I look . . .
insidious helmets roll
as a bristle on the terrain

stripes of a nation
with ardent graphic characters
mercurial twist and nip

unkempt wings stalk
to joust a dramatic flair
an outlet twist

yearly master box of danger
behooves them


6 responses to “>dangerous enemy sunday scribblings #229 dangerous

  1. >This poem can be so eaily interpretted in a myriad of ways. I see war, and tanks, and fighting, and blood for useles causes.Thanks.

  2. >K on target with the interpretation and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  3. >So much danger everywhere!Pamela, it looks like you have redesigned your blog. Nice.

  4. >Diane thanks and I did. I was bored and needed a so called facelift! ;)Pamela

  5. >To read this out loud exercised the tongue. Good one!

  6. >Thanks Gordon!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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