>’No one’ monday poetry train #94

>No one cares if you can play the piano

strike every key precisely and resonate

you became obstinate and fabulous in your bubble

No one cares if you are a carnivore with hunger to be prominent

you choose hatred and ornery vice as a friend

desperate and an unlikely foe

No one cares if fabulous gnats hang about

urging you to goose and bungle people

unlikely someday you will find a friend

but No one cares


14 responses to “>’No one’ monday poetry train #94

  1. >Great post – Reminds me of the time I literally bumped into a 'celebrity', who asked 'Do you know who I am?'

  2. >Thanks Stan some people can be so full of themselves!Pamela

  3. >Great post! It's a daily occurrence to bump into people who are full of themselves. Excellently written!-Weasel =)

  4. >Oh, so true Weasel and thanks!Pamela

  5. >I agree with all of the above comments. Great poem and very well written. Thanks for sharing.

  6. >Thanks Just Me!Pamela

  7. >Your poem really touches…nice work!!!

  8. >Some interesting/unexpected language. dig this:"No one cares if fabulous gnats hang about / urging you to goose and bungle people"

  9. >AniketThanks for commenting and visiting!Pamela

  10. >theaccidentalnovelistThanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  11. >Hello, How are you?You are invited to attend Thursday Poets Rally, despite that fact that you are also represented as one of the fresh poets, http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/thursday-poets-rally-week-27-august-26-sept-1-2010/ Thanks for the attention!Happy Wednesday!;)

  12. >Thanks Jingle and same to you!Pamela

  13. >There are some phrases I really loved!a trophy

  14. >Thanks Gautami!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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