>When all things come to an end Thursday Poets Rally week #27

>The minimum difference of what makes things happen.

When meeting at the end of fortune–despair …

lost to the few spectators passing. Unwinding in copper kettles.

Journey becomes a death of passion’s subdued design.

Where knives and forks pierce the outer lining of the hemisphere.

To eat upon the weakness of the entertaining few and scattered

to eaves completely out of reach. Covered in black heaving rain.

Smothering and forcing the bile to rise from within.

17 responses to “>When all things come to an end Thursday Poets Rally week #27

  1. >amazing job..covered in black heaving rain…love the image in your words…I am thrilled to have you in!

  2. >have fun,I love your work and trust your participation!Way to go!:)

  3. >Thanks for the nice compliment Jingle and I will get round to read other poems pronto! I have been contracted for a five week translation job but I have a lot of downtime with this job. Pamela

  4. >Very thought provoking and a wonderful write…Happy Rally my friend x

  5. >Thanks Buttercup!Pamela

  6. >This is an interesting poem, Pamela. Seems to be different than your usual style. Fun to try a different kind of writing sometime. (Jingle invited me to this rally, but really I don't understand how it works..sigh.)

  7. >Mary thanks this is a prose poem (well more or less).*I will send an email to explain the rules for this sitePamela

  8. >a very dark write… well described with powerful imagery…wonderfully written.

  9. >take your time…

  10. >http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/happy-birthday-2-lisa-plus-happy-belated/ Help visit 5 to 10 poets from the list to wish them Happy (Belated) Birthday,take the butterfly award,share with 1 to 10 friends…:)

  11. >RajlakshmiThanks so much and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  12. >the imagery here is profound. loved it, Pamela :)my entry for the rally is The Butterfly Lover 🙂

  13. >lovely imagery..intense 🙂

  14. >hopepoh thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  15. >quite simply a fantastic image you have just painted in my head. thank youI am new here; please could you take a look at blog and leave me any feed back on my Poems. I am also in the process of publishing my first Poetry novel, entitled The Jaw, due out in October. Any comments will be so grateful. Kindest regards and keep up the good work, K http://kashaw.wordpress.com/http://kashaw.wordpress.com/my-poems/

  16. >Thanks K and I did just that!Pamela

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