>’My hands have become yours’ big tent poetry #17 hands

>Small and delicate slender grace.

Movements capture splendid forms.

trazos sauves

soft strokes

légers coups de

In clay urns buried beneath the soil.

Gliding on the surface of colours.

With the light of sky on a palette.

romolinos de colores de la mezcla

swirling colours mix

tourbillonnant mélanger les couleurs

Explode and seep into the roots.

Moments captured forever in hues.

Transform this fluid pattern permanent.

Sable hair blends and sways . . .

*many things have influenced this writing:
Death and cremation.
Being an artist.
Translation of a foreign language.
(new job and loving it!)


35 responses to “>’My hands have become yours’ big tent poetry #17 hands

  1. >Very cool…google translate, and I got it 🙂 Well done.

  2. >I like the idea of soft strokes in clay urns and 'swirling colours mix/Explode and seep into the roots.'Glad you're enjoying your new job. Also meant to mention your new look the other day!

  3. >Pamela, I just love the way this poem reads / flows. Now, if only I knew French! Glad you are enjoying your new job.

  4. >A new beginning. Rebirth. I see it here.designed patterns

  5. >Félicitations, Pamela. This is an exciting poem – even though your process notes brought me back to earth with a bang! Good luck with the new job. You clever girl!

  6. >Brilliant, Pamela! I love the two languages together!

  7. >Beautiful the way they all merged together as one=3I have tagged you in a game of Back to School Tag Game:(Scroll all the way below)http://riikainfinityy.com/2010/08/27/nostalgia/Rule: Answer the five questions and tag 5 to ? people whose may be willing to play :)Tag along and pass around^^ Have fun!

  8. >I love the flow of this piece! The switch between languages really carries it. Wonderfully written!-Weasel =)

  9. >I love how you mix in the languages here so smoothly. I was also an English teacher in Mexico for 6 years. I taught at the Tec de Monterrey and la Universidad de las Americas, Puebla

  10. >Yes. A lovely new look. A wonderful new job. All this is terrific and the poem sings with joy and art. Love it!

  11. >I like the blending of languages. There's a satisfying layer of mystery in reading those words that sound so wonderful but of which I understand only a few.

  12. >Even without the knowledge of the other language, I still caught the sense of creativity and also joy in the activity. Elizabeth

  13. >Great job of associating these thoughts with hands.

  14. >tracysays thanks and I know you got it!Pamela

  15. >Thanks Derrick and I am loving this job!Pamela

  16. >Thanks Mary and if I only knew French I might have a better translation job!;)Pamela

  17. >Gautami it is kind of like that!Thanks!Pamela

  18. >Viv sorry to spoil it for you but thanks!Pamela

  19. >Thanks Diane!Pamela

  20. >Thanks Riika and thanks for the awards! I will see what I can do.Pamela

  21. >frayedges nice to have found you and thanks!Pamela

  22. >Thanks Susan and yes I love my new job!Pamela

  23. >Thanks James and the English is wedged between the two languages. Pamela

  24. >Thanks Elizabeth!Pamela

  25. >Thanks Stan!Pamela

  26. >I like the new look, PamThe poem has a nice rhythm from the statement-translation pattern. You tie today's painting and the past nicely.

  27. >Thanks for both Barb!Have a nice weekend!Pam

  28. >good one Pam…exploding and seeping into the roots….and another weekend…..thanks and have a good one

  29. >Thanks Wayne and have a nice weekend too!Pamela

  30. >A beautiful piece of writing…"moments captured forever in hues"…I love that!

  31. >Thanks Cynthia!Pamela

  32. >That's quite a mix of influences, but it works very well. Congrats on the new job!

  33. >Thanks Francis! I am enjoying my new job and am making loads of money. Something we can all use. Pamela

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