>photos writers island #18 if only

>I retrieve you from the cardboard box stored away for many years.

On the oak surface, I spread out glossy prints.

I examine each smile, each hug, vibrant colour is a persistent ache.

My hands wander from one to the next, as I touch the smooth

surface of memories poised in my mind. I hear the sound of an

ambulance passing by and repeat to myself ‘button, button who’s

got the button’ a phrase from childhood. Things that are missed

and sometimes forgotten. Memories are all we have to hold on to.

I place you back in your paper tomb, until we can be together again.

On our oak surface. If only in my mind.


18 responses to “>photos writers island #18 if only

  1. >Pamela, this is a very touching poem, and the sentiment resonates with me. I do this sometime with old photos too. Actually I have scanned some and have them available on my computer, so I don't have to go to the box.

  2. >Photos and memories!! Nice work, very evocative. You put great thought into this.SC

  3. >A deep thinking look back. Nicely done.

  4. >Poignant and gentle. I love how you start with "I retrieve you from the cardboard box".

  5. >Excellently written post! =)-Weasel

  6. >My favorite line… "memories are all we have to hold on to"… That is so true. A very heartrending poem, Pamela.

  7. >Sad and endearing; I could feel the pain and beauty~

  8. >Beautifully written, the sadness conceal within had been revealed, within sadness, there is happiness somewhere=D

  9. >Excellent writing, never over the top. The grief was palpable. Thank you for sharing.

  10. >Great and touching piece heartbreaking if there are only memories to hold onI love your blogheader as well b.t.w.

  11. >'paper tomb' – delicious phrasing.

  12. >Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!Pamela

  13. >wel I do not like paper tombs…but i really like paper tombs in poems…and this is goooood Pam….as I go through boxes of old family pics for my daughters…with tears at times…happy trails

  14. >Better to have happy memories rather than regrets.

  15. >Thanks Wayne and have a happy week!Pamela

  16. >Very true Stan!Pamela

  17. >very nicely written, the sadness and heartbreak are there, but as if mellowed by time – I really like how that comes through. Love this line:vibrant colour is a persistent ache

  18. >Thanks so much for the nice comment!Pamela

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