>As I fall we write poems #17


Flowered smiles that flee in turbulent times
Sadness flows with definite ease
Superstition not something I adhere to
Karma is part of life but it’s always in perspective
Am I so off-balance just like the stilts
I use to walk high above the crowded lanes
rough and righteous lined with sharp rocks
Tomorrow is another day then I can file my feelings away
Only to fling false pride in the furthest direction


14 responses to “>As I fall we write poems #17

  1. >Wow your lines flow Pamela. I do so agree about false pride.

  2. >I agree with Irene, this flows. Especially like the reference to stilts as a means of looking down on others, and the difficulty of using that to move amongst sharp rocks. Really like this, Pamela,Elizabeth

  3. >Pamela, there is so much feeling expressed in this poem. I agree with the statement about karma!

  4. >I know this is true for someone close.pitching forward

  5. >You have some great sound images in this one, Pam.Love the line: rough and righteous lined with sharp rocks(and I like the ?unintentional? Poem title: as I fall we write poems)

  6. >Pamela, this poem has a lot of depth. Well written!

  7. >OH, I liked this one! Yes, Karma & other, unknown things.Nice picture, too (hope I can select the right profile)

  8. >This is probably one of my favorite ones of yours I've read so far. As I read it, I sounded it out in my mind and I could hear the alliteration, which gives it a lovely sound. Also, I liked your image of you on stilts. This does have a lot of depth to it, and especially in such a short poem. Well done.-Nicole

  9. >First of all, I just love the image in your header. I get this…"Tomorrow is another day and then I can file my feelings away"Sometimes it's easier to file them and not deal.

  10. >Oh, good poem! Love the thought of you walking on stilts above all the hubbub…………cool poem!

  11. >Thanks everyone for all the nice comments.Pamela

  12. >your words are magical,I feel it,lovely done!

  13. >Thanks so much JingleHappy weekend!

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I appreciate all comments.

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