>a chance encounter poets united #13 kiss


A softness of touch feels like feathers wisping by.
Sending shivers of pleasure through the particles: mine
Coloured rose upon labios plump: soft.
Brush against each other to meet suspended in time.
It is lingering, caressing, consuming: a first kiss.

20 responses to “>a chance encounter poets united #13 kiss

  1. >Awesome post, Pamela! Wonderfully written! =)-Weasel

  2. >Beautiful and gentle poem, Pamela!

  3. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  4. >Thanks Mary! I know not my normal style as of late. Pamela

  5. >lovely soft and beautiful kiss — a lingering kiss…nice…bkm

  6. >"Feels like feathers wisping by"…Such beautiful imagery in this poem Pamela! I love it!:-)

  7. >I love the feeling of feathers! Clearly beautiful!

  8. >Tender and passionate….really nice!!! Love this~

  9. >From the first line to the last, the poem whispers its tender tone and meaning. Wonderful Pamela.Elizabeth

  10. >Oh yes, I vaguely remember now…..:) Beautifully written. Sounds even better than chocolate:)

  11. >Your soft and sensitive words form a gentle kiss of their own..just lovely!

  12. >Carrie I am glad you liked it!Pamela

  13. >Me, too! Thanks Diane!Pamela

  14. >Thanks so much, Ellie!Pamela

  15. >Elizabeth what a nice thing to say.Pamela

  16. >It can be Sherry and thanks!Pamela

  17. >ilane thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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