>’The weather is changing’ big tent poetry #18 ‘poems hang out where life is’

>As the climate changes I feel the chill deep

within me. Winter in the air, grey sky morning.

Rainy – such coldness in every drop that falls

from dark clouds in the mood. Slick roads like glass

shine in iridescent lights. Fauna consumes wetness.

A mantón wraps round to keep in warmth.

With patterns of Aztecan gods fire, earth, wind, rain.

Sacrificed young virgins to appease angry gods.

Spilt blood on cold stone slabs. As the winters came

and left harsh winds and muddy ground with imprints of existence.

*Process notes:
It has been raining every day and it’s getting cold.
Winter is on the way.
I have also been having lots of discussions about
early Mexican history.


30 responses to “>’The weather is changing’ big tent poetry #18 ‘poems hang out where life is’

  1. >Brrr! Our summer was mostly like that, but at last it's perked up, just as the leaves are changing colour. Please, what is a manton?

  2. >Hi, Viv sorry about that. It is a shawl.Pamela

  3. >In September all ready? Ooops, now I am recalling that the last time I was in Mexico in September we had flooding conditions from two hurricanes… however it was hot and humid. Love that you are having discussions about early Mexican history. Finely written!

  4. >September is always a weird month for weather. I remember a couple years back, we had a few hurricanes to worry about. If only the heat would leave in the month, LOL! It's still hot out there in my area. Wonderfully written post! -Weasel

  5. >Diane I live in a highly elevated (8500 approx) feet above sea level state. It is inland and the climate is something I have never experienced before. We virtually have no hot Summer days, well not like I am used to. This year is going to be chilly!Pamela

  6. >Weasel I agree but it gets cold here early! So, if it rains and the air is chilly – well, all I can say is – burr …Thanks

  7. >I like the juxtaposition of the cold and hot in the same piece. Vivid images that made me shiver, then step back from the sight and smell of freshly spilled blood. Wonderous thing you have done here,Elizabeth

  8. >Thanks Elizabeth! I had many thoughts swimming round my head when I wrote this. Pamela

  9. >I love the "patterns of Aztecan gods fire, earth, wind rain"……..and the "imprints of existence." Wow. Really good work.

  10. >Thanks Sherry. The history of the Aztecans is quite an amazing story. Along with the Mayans the were very advanced but a brutal people. I've visited many pyramids and archaelogical sites in Mexico and have learned a great deal.Pamela

  11. >lovely nature shift poem.

  12. >Thanks so much Jingle!Pamela

  13. >Vivid and a little frightening.

  14. >I hear you about the change in weather (in Belfast, we know rain).These are two subjects I wouldn't have thought about putting together, but the effect is definitely striking.

  15. >Love this:such coldness in every drop that fallsfrom dark clouds in the mood.

  16. >Tilly the story of the Aztecans is a bit frightening!Pamela

  17. >Thank you for the nice comment ESKPamela

  18. >Thanks Twitches!Pamela

  19. >Our summers are horrible. And I can't even imagine harsh winters. Very vivid. pavement musings

  20. >Thanks Gautami. I know a little about the climate in India. I am assisting two gentlemen from India. One is from Banglore and the other is from Delhi and they have told me about the weather, culture, etc…quite interesting.Pamela

  21. >Exquisite – I love the rain words and the bits of Aztec history – well crafted. Didn't realize the elevation of your beautiful town.

  22. >Thanks Susan, Yes, it is highly elevated here, therefore the weather is much different than anything I am used to.

  23. >I could really feel the cold here…and loved the weaving in of the Aztec history!

  24. >Thanks, Cynthia and the history of the Aztecans is amazing.Pamela

  25. >In my mind Mexico is always sunny (I was in Cuernavaca) But yes, I did feel cold rain & clouds. Is there any early Aztec legend that is not a bit scarey?

  26. >Well, Marian I think that a lot of it is frightening, but they also were very innovativeand advanced people. And Puebla is a completely different climate. Due to the altitude.Pamela

  27. >This is beautiful, love the way you weave in Aztec history

  28. >Thanks so much Uma!Pamela

  29. >Love that you wove the two ideas together. (And I like your new — at least to me — blog look. Nice!)

  30. >Thanks so much Deb!It was time for a new look!Pamela

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