>music is … writer’s island #19 breakthrough

>oration is triumphant with wonder
as movement is finely seeped in cleaves
syncopation returning and encapsulating
sown and ladled thickly on surfaces smooth
cunning as worn with erosion on its
crowded paths of blistering sunbursts
run in brilliant waves of purple hues hanging
in florescent green with sparkles of light
that seem to breakthrough sound softly


22 responses to “>music is … writer’s island #19 breakthrough

  1. >So many wonderful images in this poem, Pamela!

  2. >Yes, Pamela this is full of images of wonder and beauty…lovely writing! 🙂

  3. >Pamela, you are a word slinger of high level. Love this line "run in brilliant waves of purple hues" simply because I've had that experience when listening to certain music. Elizabeth

  4. >Ah that florescent green! Love the idea of syncopation, too! A brilliant breakthrough!

  5. >Marvellous words, full of imagery.

  6. >Wonderful use of some great words.ode to shoes

  7. >Pamela, you've carried on in the wonderful-wordle-yourself vein, with some marvellous words, beautifully put together. Do you use music to write by?

  8. >Viv, funny you should say that in fact I was listening to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake when I wrote this. And I also did a bit of automatic writing. Thanks.Pamela

  9. >Thanks so much Carrie!Pamela

  10. >Thanks Elizabeth!Tchaikovsky inspired me for this poem.Pamela

  11. >Diane thank you!Pamela

  12. >Thanks Anthony!Pamela

  13. >Thanks Gautami!Pamela

  14. >An excellent post! Wonderful breakthrough! =)-Weasel

  15. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  16. >Beautiful sceneries 😀 My eyes are been charmed XD

  17. >"syncopation returning and encapsulating"What wonderful words, I have said this sentance over and over again I love how it sounds. 😉

  18. >riika thanks!Pamela

  19. >SusannahThanks for commenting and visiting!Pamela

  20. >Love the use of syncopation, Pamela.

  21. >Thanks Tilly!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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