>There is me – then there is you we write poems #18 need to know basis

>Moderate – perceptive all by surfaces
Serene – tolerance most effected
Fanatical – petulant with sandpaper moves
Enduring and felt as abrasions on the soul

Not sympathetic – nor kind
Insolent or rude in speech or behavior
Character of capricious ill humor
Hands firmly clutching hips

Feet spread far apart to halter the fall
Boast and exult most times out of reach
Two are exactly like one – nothing too amazing
Too much to bother with – too boring

*I would like to explain this poem a bit.
This is about someone I knew in the past.
Although I never did consider them a friend.
They certainly did leave quite an impression
on me.


21 responses to “>There is me – then there is you we write poems #18 need to know basis

  1. >I don't understand all of it, but I have met that posture, and it can belong to some formidable persons

  2. >Pamela, like the straight direct voice of this one. Some wonderful lines:petulant with sand paper movesfelt as abrasions on the soultwo are exactly like oneAnd the twist on the end:too boring to bother makes for a still moment of wondering.Elizabeth

  3. >Pamela, I have met people that have left a strong impression on me too, and not necessarily favorable! Your poem portrays this. I'd say good it was the past!

  4. >Oh, I'm so glad you explained that it wasn't meant to be you! The Pamela I've grown to know a little is not a bit like that. However, you have written an accomplished poem.

  5. >"Fanatical – petulant with sandpaper movesEnduring and felt as abrasions on the soul". This person certainly knew how to get under the skin, Pamela!

  6. >I'm rather glad it was you who knew this person—sandpaper moves sounds too harsh. A great description.

  7. >I think you have to follow the title of the poem – first Pamela, then someone not considered a friend, and then Pamela's reaction. Fine writing! I've encountered folks like that too! I can sure relate. Excellent!

  8. >I love the line "Petulant with sandpaper moves"I know someone like this~ I can see them, when I read your words!

  9. >Ha! Flaubert rides again!:) Some amazing verbiage up there!

  10. >pwf thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  11. >Elizabeth you are much too kind!ThanksPamela

  12. >Mary it does happen sometimes!Pamela

  13. >DerrickThat they did.Pamela

  14. >Diane Agreed we should and thanks!Pamela

  15. >Thank you Ellie!Pamela

  16. >Thanks Sherry!you flatter me ;)Pamela

  17. >Extremely relatable…a different take but I loved it. Beautifully expressed!! x

  18. >A little bit buttercupthanks!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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