>big tent poetry #19 “Think of something you said. Now write what you wish you had said.”

>Sure I’ll meet you there at six

I really didn’t feel like going

(Thanks just the same)

If I had missed that bus would it have been this way

as I stepped off a platform to transform myself

into another situation surrounding me in this world

I tapped my feet to the sound of

Engines roaring – silver shoes and black tights

While blue bandanas filled up the rooms tied in knots of yesterday

What if I had changed my mind at the last second

Do you think I’d feel specks of crystal lights that flash

round me as I’m consumed eternally


36 responses to “>big tent poetry #19 “Think of something you said. Now write what you wish you had said.”

  1. >Pamela, I really liked this poem. As I began reading it, I thought I knew where it was going (and found myself nodding!) but then it went off in a different direction and I felt myself emotionally chilled by the "specks of crystal lights." Strong writing!

  2. >Quite frightening how simple decisions can change our lives.

  3. >I'm wondering if the blue bandanas have something to do with gangland? But you're much too nice a girl for that!

  4. >If ifs and ands were pots and pans…..You found some marvellous words here: "knots of yesterday" etc.

  5. >this one got me. It slipped into a dreamscape all my own. Than you.

  6. >Mmmm… small decisions can cause spectacular endings…

  7. >Derrick good heavens! Gangs! I am terrified of those kind of people. No,I am referring to a handknit Mexican scarf from Oaxaca. Pamela

  8. >I also like "tied in knots of yesterday". It stopped me and suggested so many things that I could see those "specks of crystal lights" flashing all around me. Like this one Pamela,Elizabeth

  9. >Wonderful images presented here! Excellently crafted post! =)-Weasel

  10. >We all feel we have to do things we do not want to. I think we should give ourselves the freedom to decline without an excuse! Wish I'd remember that, LOL. A truly sparkling poem!

  11. >Strong images and evocative words. Beautifully written.

  12. >How often I have wondered "if I had missed that bus . . . " Fine images and fine poem.

  13. >We always seem to miss that bus. At least I do. Great poem.crooked window

  14. >What may have happened had you no missed the bus? Life will keep you guessing, enjoy the ride.

  15. >Wonderful. Love those last lines.

  16. >Mary thanks so much!Pamela

  17. >Tilly decisions can be so difficult sometimes!Pamela

  18. >Thanks loads Viv!Pamela

  19. >Christopher thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  20. >Jinksy oh yes they can!Pamela

  21. >Thanks Elizabeth! This was an interesting prompt!Pamela

  22. >Many thanks Weasel!Pamela

  23. >Diane that is so hard for me to do.Thanks!Pamela

  24. >Thank you Susan!Pamela

  25. >Me too, Nan and thanks!Pamela

  26. >Ha! So true Gautami! Thanks for that!Pamela

  27. >How right you are Amanda and thanks!Thanks for visiting!Pamela

  28. >Deb thanks so much!Pamela

  29. >Ah beautiful words my friend 😀 somehow it amused me in the beginning and wonderful ending this poem have! =DAnd here is a reward for you, time to spread the happiness!http://riikainfinityy.com/2010/09/11/happy-award-makes-you-happy3/

  30. >This seemed quite dreamlike, at the verge of turning into a nightmare…I enjoyed it!

  31. >I love the way you move from the mundane to the really out-of-the-ordinary: it's at once seamless and shocking.

  32. >Thanks riika and thanks for the award!Pamel

  33. >Cynthia thanks for that!Pamela

  34. >Elizabeth thank you!Pamela

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