>she has always been there (dedicated to my mom Sylvia) poets united #14 the wall

>She places gold and silver filigree on divine shelves
that reach to the sky and mixes clouds with mist
caught high up in the golden trees with shiny leaves
that never turn or rust even in tiresome times

She places her hands upon lightness while flurries
of indecision trouble spirits wandering alone
searching for comfort from frigid tones
where ice and slippery landslides cascade. . .

Forming shadows on the heart
she places everything where it belongs
so no metal, iron, clay nor stone walls
can obstruct the flow . . .


24 responses to “>she has always been there (dedicated to my mom Sylvia) poets united #14 the wall

  1. >A beautiful tribute to your mom. I hope she loves it! "she places her hands upon lightness"………a beautiful rendering of a woman who sounds amazing. I love it.

  2. >SherryThanks and I have to tell you she passed just 5 years ago. If she is watching from above … I hope she likes it. She was truly amazing!Pamela

  3. >Beautiful; I love the imagery! You do Mom proud!It is woven like a tapestry…

  4. >Thanks Ellie and certainly hope so!Pamela

  5. >A wonderfully vivid piece! Excellent take on the prompt!-Weasel =D

  6. >I love the thought of your mom ensuring nothing 'can obstruct the flow'..easing the way for others to join her in that beautiful place. She sounds a wonderful woman, both on this earth and in the heavenly world she prepares so lovingly now. This poem is wonderful…

  7. >Beautiful poem, Pamela. The image that stays with me is placing everything where it belongs so nothing can obstruct the flow!

  8. >A lovely tribute to your Mom, Pamela. My favorite line 'nothing can obstruct the flow'… poignant and beautiful!

  9. >Pamela,What a lovely tribute to your mother.The comfort of a reasssuring thought..The wise sage…Beautiful,Eileen

  10. >lovely poem,thanks!

  11. >Wonderfully written Pamela 😀 A beautiful dedication<3

  12. >she places everything where it belongs … just wonderful!

  13. >Thanks Weasel and thanks for an inspiring prompt!Pamela

  14. >traveler that she was and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  15. >Mary thank you and she was a wonderful woman!Pamela

  16. >Diane thank you!Pamela

  17. >Thanks Eileen!Pamela

  18. >Thanks Jingle and thanks for the award!Pamela

  19. >Thanks deb and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  20. >Pamela this is such a beautiful and touching tribute to your Mom. A lovely poem indeed!:-)

  21. >Thanks so much Carrie!Pamela

  22. >Hi Pam, very nice tribute indeed and I also especially like the closing image, keeping the flow – very nice!

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