>Alison and I on 9-11-01 poets united #8 poetry pantry

>As you sit: listen to the sound of clip-clip-clip
Laughter in the room
Wisps of hair fall to the floor: dead and no longer
Uneasy in your chair, the cape is much too tight
Bringing veins to the surface of your neck
Clip-clip-clip don’t you look divine, styled and so nice
Then that horrid moment catches your attention
As you watch the second plane hit-clip-clip-clip
It begins to crumble
Sorrow and disbelief has replaced all
That moment in your life


28 responses to “>Alison and I on 9-11-01 poets united #8 poetry pantry

  1. >Well done, Pamela. I know we all have memories of what we were doing on that tragic day.

  2. >Mary it is so vivid for me. I have a neice who was living in the city at the time and I was so fearful for her. Let alone the people I never knew. I also lost high school classmate on that horrible day. Thanks.Pamela

  3. >Wow, good one, Pamela. That day………so devastating. I had a hard time over it this year. Well done capture.

  4. >wow thanks for sharing this piece! so touching I have two awards for you if you'd like to accepthttp://peachpitproduction.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/blogger-awards/

  5. >Well done! Awesome post! =)-Weasel

  6. >Love the way you use words to take us through the piece. It kept my attention!I have awards for you!http://wp.me/PfBho-2yG

  7. >I knew a fireman that survived in NYC although his mother didn't know… and a good friend that was in court right beside the towers… and another friend that after burying her mother flew home to SFO and was offered an earlier flight… fortunately she didn't get on it. It was United 93 the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. We will never forget where we were. An outstanding poem for sure, Pamela.

  8. >You've brilliantly illustrated here how I think most of us across the world felt at that horrific time! In one moment we are going about our singular days: at work, or out shopping, or like me, at home enjoying a cup of coffee after having dropped the kids off at school. Then all of a sudden it's all turned upside down… in one unbelieveable moment… and collectively we are changed forever.

  9. >Your words a reflection of a horrific day; so true and vivid, is your wording! Brillant~

  10. >what a lovely painting in words.beautiful job!:)

  11. >A startling revelation of a day which began as ordinary bur ended in havoc. Well portrayed.

  12. >This one captures the feeling that resonates with each of us extremely well. Love and Light, Sender

  13. >Pamela,A moment captured in time on that day.How I stared in disbelief at the images on my television screen, not wanting to believe….,Then that awful sinking feeling..Eileen

  14. >what nice words you have…. i truly liked reading your poem….

  15. >Sherry I also have had a hard time every year since. It is hard to believe it has been 9 years!Pamela

  16. >peachpit thanks and thanks for the awards!Pamela

  17. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  18. >Thanks tasi and thanks for the awards!Pamela

  19. >Diane thank goodness your friend did not take that flight! So many lives lost that fateful day!Pamela

  20. >Felicitas, yes, I remember it was just a normal day getting my hair cut and then…Pamela

  21. >Thanks for that Ellie!Pamela

  22. >Thanks Jingle!Pamela

  23. >Kerry thanks and yes it was!Thanks for visiting!Pamela

  24. >Thanks sender!Pamela

  25. >Oh yes Eileen I remember so well!Pamela

  26. >ishabelle thank you and thank you for visiting!Pamela

  27. >I remember that day well, how can we forget?Elizabeth

  28. >We never can Elizabeth!Pamela

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