>a mask I wear monday poetry potluck #1


hide behind triumphant smiles
as somber ones bow their heads
in shame
horns blare certain notes
a disguise I wear to our masquerade
while the sordid details jam from a surface
yearly we meet in the same place to walk
the edge with primeval attitude
remove your mask and I will mine

19 responses to “>a mask I wear monday poetry potluck #1

  1. >How mysterious you are. Great choice of words.

  2. >Viv, mystery is the key to life. Well, I think so. Thanks and it is nice to see over at potluck!I am on vacation this week, so I am able to do loads of writing.Pamela

  3. >love the last…remove your mask and I will mine…love the image of masks…nice..bkm

  4. >inspirational piece.both wear masks, better face each other with truth.precise and powerful poem!:)

  5. >I am glad to see you share your poetry with us.Happy Monday!Cheers!Thanks for the comments.

  6. >Jingle not a problem and thanks for the site!Happy Monday!Pamela

  7. >ha. love the challenge there in the end…hope it is answered to your liking…

  8. >Amazing writing my friend, so appropriate as theme for Potluck too…thanks so much for linking, very happy to have you in. Much love xxx

  9. >Thanks buttercup!Pamela

  10. >The mask always hide the truth and truth should reveal!:P Happy Poetry Potluck my friend<3

  11. >riika we all wear masks of some kind. Thanks!Pamela

  12. >A lovely poem 🙂

  13. >It's interesting to see what lays behind the masks we wear. I really enjoyed this poem.

  14. >So many reasons to wear masks. Sometimes to hide something, sometimes to have fun, sometimes to become someone different for a time. Me? I never could get into costumes. LOL.

  15. >River thanks and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  16. >Talon we all wear masks of some sort!Thanks!Pamela

  17. >Me neither, Mary!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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