>’see you later’ we write poems #19 begin with music

>I got misty eyes as they said farewell
always goodbye means:
Never to meet again
au revoir, adios, ciao, hasta nunca
As he placed a veil before my eyes
to protect me from the harshness of light
fall into the cavern of impediment
Did you get misty-eyed as well?
it’s so much easier to remove castles
from my eyes while kings and queens
dance a promenade with fancy fans
swaying to the rhythm of a forgotten sound
Silken powdered noses don’t sense treachery
while under the perfect sadness of farewell


30 responses to “>’see you later’ we write poems #19 begin with music

  1. >Those last two lines are great, Pamela!

  2. >I liked the lines:It's so much easier to remove castlesfrom my eyes while kings and queensdance a promenade with fancy fans.An enjoyable read, Pamela.

  3. >"As he placed a veil before my eyesto protect me from the harshness of lightfall into the cavern of impediment"I loved the above lines!warming up the worms

  4. >Hasta nunca. Until never. Is that a "genuine" Spanish phrase or your construction? I believe the lords and ladies in the lace and satin carried scented pomanders against the plague. Treachery is not unlike

  5. >This is so good Pamela, from the first to those beautiful last two lines.

  6. >This line was so evocative:swaying to the rhythm of a forgotten sound

  7. >where-ever did you get "cavern of impediment"?

  8. >Thanks so much Derrick!Pamela

  9. >Thank you Mary!Pamela

  10. >Gautami thanks!Pamela

  11. >pwf it is indeed a Spanish phrase but not commonly used. `Hasta jamás` is used more frequently. That means `until never` which indicates you do not wish to see that person ever again! It is very harsh.Pamela

  12. >Uma thanks and that is nice of you!Pamela

  13. >Barb I don't recall what I had written originally. I would have to go look in my journal but it was cavern of something or another. So, I changed it to impediment and it seemed to work.Pamela

  14. >Such complex loveliness to illustrate the finality of farewell. So many beautiful phrases, like 'fall into the cavern of impediment' or to 'remove castles from my eyes'. There is such a wholeness/integrity to this poem. Much appreciated.

  15. >A beautifully written poem, Pamela. So many ways to say farewell.

  16. >I love sad poems. This was sad & beautiful

  17. >Thanks happyflowers!Pamela

  18. >Diane yes there are and thanks!Pamela

  19. >I could see this as a lavish production on stage as I read it. I really like where this took me.

  20. >Quiet little surprises of word and phrase in your poem here. I like that progression of emotional energy. Rather nice Pamela.

  21. >Thanks Judy and welcome to we write poems!Pamela

  22. >Thanks Neil and thanks for visiting!Pamela

  23. >Pamela this is truly beautiful! 🙂

  24. >This poem is absolutely gorgeous and delicate, like the veil in the fifth line. Yet so much in these few lines…speaking of disappointment, heartbreak, and deception. I like where you went with the prompt this week.-Nicole

  25. >nicely done Pam….moves so well to a great ending

  26. >Thanks Carrie!Pamela

  27. >Thanks so much Nicole and I know that song is a happy one, but I found some sadness in it. Pamela

  28. >Thanks, my friend Wayne and happy weekend to you and yours!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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