>big tent poetry #20 “wordle”


Go cliché yourself
Get a backbone and quit trying to use mine
It’s your answer that perplexes me
While you skirt round the object
Half-eaten subjects lay on the table
As bees swarm and chant and leave debris
With filthy footprints and broken stingers
Temporary docks support your childish ways
As the story is embellished without evidence


22 responses to “>big tent poetry #20 “wordle”

  1. >Compact, intriguing. I shall take this personally and endeavor to grow up. I shall begin immediately to rebuild my docks. 😀

  2. >I think I need to tell this to someone I know..timeless flies search for fries

  3. >I like the forceful nature of the poem! There are a few people who need this message, I am sure of it! =)-Weasel

  4. >whoa… so intense!! love the bitingness of it!! my poem this week…

  5. >I just LOVE the indignation in:"Get a backbone and quit trying to use mine!"

  6. >abstract and creative piece..love half eaten subjects. and more….my entry is here

  7. >i like this line very much — "It’s your answer that perplexes me" — b/c it alludes to existence of a world/knowledge outside the poem. great!

  8. >This one has a bite and a sting to it. I do like where you took the wordle. Some things need to be said, and some people need to hear them. Too bad they usually are not the ones who do.Elizabeth

  9. >I like the title – must remember to use that line sometime 😉 – and this too:While you skirt round the objectHalf-eaten subjects lay on the tableSounds serious, the words spoken to the "you", but it was quite fun to read…

  10. >Wow! I'm loving this one!!

  11. >pam this is some wonderful serious stuff… what came to mind.. the rolling stones song "hey, hey you, you, get offa my cloud…. love yr new looking blog…

  12. >In stern mood it seems, Pamela! It's good to clear the air!

  13. >I just realized that I believe you share your world with a friend of mine who returned to Mexico to get his Engineering degree. His name is Jesus Ramirez, elder brother to Jose who is studying singing and opera at the University of British Columbia. I realize that there is a large number of students. I just thought I would mention this.

  14. >Beautiful imageries. Enjoyed it. Drop by n c my poem too.Deeptesh.

  15. >I loved the attitude expressed in this poem, Pamela!

  16. >Thanks everyone for the nice comments and Christopher, I do not know him;)Pamela

  17. >Love, love that first line!!

  18. >Thanks Deb! Wordles can be such fun!Pamela

  19. >That title is absolutely priceless. I may have to say it someone some time.

  20. >So much disgust and anger said so succinctly. Very effective!

  21. >Wonderful hook, Pamela. I loved the the pithy nature of this poem.

  22. >Thanks so much Tilly, Elizabeth and Kelly.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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