>My life – My rules we write poems #20 exceptions

>I don’t believe in organized religion
(It slices me into pieces)
(I’m so tired of its drivel)
I make no excuses for my beliefs
(I believe in me and family)
(It makes you wish you had a home)
I expect you to follow your beliefs
(Feel free to speak your mind)
(You can’t when your tongue’s tied in knots)
While I am on a path I have chosen
(I’m content with myself)
(Body, mind and spirit)
I make no exceptions to this rule


24 responses to “>My life – My rules we write poems #20 exceptions

  1. >In regards to religion, everyone has to follow her own path. I like "I make no excuses for my beliefs." Nor should you. Or anyone.

  2. >Whatever we do, if our inner does not question, we have the right to go ahead with it. That is what I believe and see it your poem too..ode to un-punctuated verses

  3. >Another vexed question; yes, we should all be free to follow our own path.

  4. >I believe we all pray to the same God no matter what our religion. I love freedom of body, mind and spirit too.

  5. >I really like this Pamela, especially "I make no excuses for my beliefs". I am of a similar belief, don't try to sell me yours, and I won't try to make you believe something you don't want to. To each his/her own is a very good rule.Elizabeth

  6. >Mary, I was a bit hesitant about putting this out here, but I have my own belief system and do not enforce it on others. Which is complex living in a very Catholic country.Thanks.Pamela

  7. >Agreed Gautami!Pamela

  8. >Derrick yes we should. Religion is a delicate subject especially in Mexico.Pamela

  9. >Diane, that is our freedom of choice.Thanks,Pamela

  10. >I am in agreement on point 1. And I will gladly let others do as they will UNTIL they choose to deny me my beliefs and others the right to theirs. Then, obviously, ONLY I AM RIGHT!

  11. >Elizabeth, that is the best policy in my opinion.Thanks!Pamela

  12. >pwf, it can be the cause of much strife amoung people.Pamela

  13. >Thanks Sherry, I am glad you liked it!Pamela

  14. >Wouldn't it be peaceful if everyone allowed others to follow their own set of beliefs? Well said.

  15. >This poem touches me. Everyone has a right to their own personal belief system.

  16. >True Judy!And thanks for visiting!Pamela

  17. >It would indeed, Linda.Thanks.Pamela

  18. >I like this no nonsense tone in your poem Pamela. yes, religion is a personal affair, no prescriptions are required.

  19. >"I make no excuses for my beliefs" is my favorite line in this poem. This reads either like a dialogue (although I'm not sure if it's inner or externally with someone else — which kind of makes it interesting). I like this.-Nicole

  20. >Uma thanks and it is a personal affair!Pamela

  21. >Thanks, Nicole and it is just how I feel.Pamela

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