>dia de los muertos poets united #16 thursday think tank autumn


With the chill in the air, coolness reminds me of,
a time to set up the altar with photos, incense and candles
Sugar skulls for the children-angelitos, we honor your departure
Offerings of food and drinks for our deceased
Visits to the panteon, tombs painted with colourful art
Place marigolds, the flower of the dead, on the graves
to entice the souls, guide them on their journey back to earth
As the mariachi plays: songs, laughter and dance
Monarch butterflies, return from summers in the north,
bringing the spirits of the departed
La catrina does her dance, the veil between the living
and dead is lifted, we will rejoice


12 responses to “>dia de los muertos poets united #16 thursday think tank autumn

  1. >Ah, Pamela, are you talking about the Day of the Dead? I was in Puerta Vallarta and Maztalan a time or two during these celebrations. Unknown to us here for the most part…but wonderful to have this time / way of remembrance. I admire that.

  2. >Yes, Mary, in fact this is a photo of XoXo a famous cemetary in Oaxaca. Where we used to live.I in fact love this holiday exactly for that reason. It is a celebration and not so much of a mourning. I believe our loved ones would prefer that.Pamela

  3. >Excellent tribute to the day! In my area, there's a semi-big celebration, happens every year. =)-Weasel

  4. >This is absolutely wonderful. I love the information and the wisdom – and the celebration – in your poem. And the photo is wonderful. It all sounds very uplifting.I love the butterflies returning, and the veil being lifted – and "we will rejoice". Terrific poem! I loved every word.

  5. >busy time for changes, vivid and beautiful descriptions.

  6. >Weasel, it is a wonderful holiday here.Thanks.Pamela

  7. >Sherry some of the legends here in Mexico are delightful! Thanks for such a nice comment.Pamela

  8. >Thanks so much Jingle!Pamela

  9. >Wow…this is my first time hearing it :3~ Wonderful day to remember! Love the butterflies part especially XD as always 😛

  10. >Thanks riika and it is a special time in Mexico.I know that you love butterfies!;)Pamela

  11. >What a lively and lovely way to honor the dead. I could see the alter and the dance through your words. I love learning about this tradition.

  12. >Judy it is a wonderful tradition.Thanks.Pamela

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